Mercedes CLA lease details

Hi guys,

I’ve started looking into a Mercedes CLA as my next lease.

After doing my research I specced out a car to my liking, which has an MSRP of $36,000

Looking at various ‘fair purchase price’ websites, I’ve come to a number at which I would like to buy the car - $29,000.

Does this seem correct and reasonable?

Plugging in the numbers I get;
MSRP - 35k
Sales - 29k
Acq fee - $795
Miles - 1000/yr
Residual - 59% (Edmunds lease forums)
Months - 36
Money Factor .00043
MSD - x6

Monthly payment w/tax 260
Drive off - $2,547 (260 1st month, MSD 1800, Reg fee 480, tax 7)


Which is it…?

Sorry, MSRP was 36k. I must have slipped there

What kind of options are you getting in this deal? Looks awesome but I’m also new to leasing

Looks great! Let us know how it goes. That’s a substantial discount you’ll be asking for, though on Edmunds, I see that the biggest “Price Promise” discount is $6,550 off (haven’t investigated what the corresponding MSRP is).