Mercedes C43 Lease

Speaking with a dealer about leasing a C43 AMG for 36 months/10k miles a year in the greater San Francisco area.

The deal - which doesn’t look good as it stands, but could use a second opinion - is:

MSRP: $61,375
Cap Cost: $54,200
Due at signing: $3,271 which supposedly includes 2 MSDs
MF: .00149 - I pushed back on this but they said it was the best they could do with the car discount

Monthly payment: $693

I’ll get clarification on the amount at signing and what it includes, and confirm the residual (though, I don’t think dealers can change this).

Could someone sanity check that this is at least approaching a decent deal?


Edit: Base MF is .00123 and residual is 60%.

Does it include autopay?

You are right that they can’t change the residual but we still need it in order to help you.

Thank you, Ed! I’m told it does.

Residual is 60% (working to double confirm now).

Do you know the buy rate on the MF?

Apologies for not including. I’m told it’s .00123. This is the base rate.

Well with 2 MSD’s your drive off look bang on. Just seems like he is screwing you on the MF big time. (This is a 8.5% tax)

I would be tempted to go all in on the MSD’s

long beach had it for below 600 after tax with basic drive off

Thank you both!

I ended up sending out the quote to another dealer. They came back at me with the same residual, cap cost of $53,105 and a money factor of .00139. I think I may do this one, and take Ed’s advice about popping more MSDs on there.