Mercedes C43 AMG offer... is this the best I’m gonna get?

MSRP: $69,460
Sale Price: $58,875 (15% discount)
MF: 00143
12k miles/ 36 months
$2000 drive-off (includes padded $1095 aquisition fee and $350 doc fee)

I feel like I’m getting shafted on the MF and the aquisition fee. And is the $350 doc fee higher than normal too? I called them out on those numbers and they said that was the best they can do. Any advice? Or should I bite on this deal?

You can add MSDs to lower the MF. That being said do you know what MF they are using? Is it base, or marked up?

Your Acq fee is marked up, but you already know that.

Do you qualify for any MB incentives - Fleet? United?

According to Edmunds, I think the MF should be .00123.

Is $350 Doc fee pretty standard with MB?

Update for anyone who might care:

I got the aquisition fee adjusted to 795, MF lowered to the standard .00123, and got another $1400 discounted off MSRP (so $57,875 selling price). 36 mo lease for $617/mo. I think it’s a pretty decent deal, but I think I may still pass.

If anyone wants this beautiful dark grey C43 AMG with the P4 package is Kentucky, I’ve done most of the legwork for you, lol


Haha seems pretty decent. Who you talked to over there and were you local?

Jeremy at Mercedes of Ft Mitchell. Cincinnati area

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anyone in CA get that acq fee reduced to the standard 795. Your deal seems pretty solid. Add MSD’s and you are at the mid 500s for a C43!!