Mercedes C300W Sedan

Hello all, I am curious if this is the best I can do on a C300 lease:

    Money factor 0.00071, 61% residual, 10 MSD, $1000 down, monthly payment $476 including tax (CA,            8.75%)
    Vehicle Price:		$49,255.00	 
AutoNation Savings:	-	$6,450.00	 
AutoNation Price:		$42,805.00	 
Sales Tax (estimate):	+	$3,754.98	 
Weight Fee:	+	$24.00	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate):	+	$360.00	 
Flat Add/County Fee:	+	$10.00	 
Electronic Filing:	+	$29.00	 
Smog Abatement Fee:	+	$20.00	 
Documentation Fee:	+	$80.00	 
Balance Due (estimate):		$47,082.98

Considering people have reported a similar payment for an E300 with a 10k higher MSRP, you should be able to do better on the C300 or just consider getting the E-class

Given your numbers, a lease calculator shows $450sh range with only first payment due signing. Something is missing or hidden.