Mercedes C300 2017 Demo car offer $318+tax / 0 down what do you think?

This forum help me a lot to understand about lease.

I have the current offer for a C300 2017 demo car with 4000 miles

MSRP 42,625
Selling price: 32,585
Doc Fee: 510
Acquisition fee: 1095
Money factor: 0.00131 (They dont want to accept MSD and give me a lower rate)
No security deposit
Registration fee: 663
Residual: 59%
12k miles/year

Due on delivery: $1535
Monthly payment: $318.74 + tax

Is the lower that they want to go. What do you think?

Thats a ridiculous deal

Grab that deal but ask the finance manager why you can’t put down security deposits.

After you do this deal can you forward over the email correspondence (assuming that’s the medium) so some of us can try to replicate??

I have the quotes on writing I can share with you this information

That would be awesome man, I would really appreciate it!

I would push for another 2k off if possible bringing down the sales prices to 30k

I already try but they don’t want to reduce even a hundred dollar for that price. They prefer to wait to sell than reduce more the price. I’m not sure the experience of other persons but when you know how numbers works they dont like it and the seller get sometimes on bad mood.

I’m with you on that. It’s the beginning of the month so they’re not very inclined to do anything to make volume right now.

If you can afford to wait till closer to the end of the month I would. Another 2k off would put you at a sub $300 payment which I think is the sweet-spot for this deal.

I will take the risk and wait they have others certified cars at higher price so if they sell this one might be I can be able to negotiate one of the remaining. Thanks

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