Mercedes Benz United MileagePlus Incentive

Does anyone know whether the MileagePlus incentive is $500 fleetwide or if it fluctuates by model, as listed below? The dealership has a great priced GLC but the sales consultant is adamant that the fleetwide discount is 500, not $1000, for a GLC300w despite having sent them this screenshot.

what is confusing is that the landing page screenshot shows this:

has anyone had experience with the same “issue” as me?

Im guessing the sales person is saying it is $500 on top of the current program incentive. So a total of $1000

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shouln’t it be a total of 1500 though? GLC national lease cash is 500, united mileageplus is 1000 for a grand total of 1500.

Fleet doesnt stack with national incentive. It is one or the other.

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i see, thanks. so for a GLA, where the national incentive is 1000 and the united mp incentive is 1500, they would take the higher of the two?

Yes that is correct.

For Mercedes, does PenFed stack with United MileagePlus incentive?

Does either incentive stack with loyalty incentive (if/when available)?

Penfed and United are both fleet, so no, they do not stack.

Mercedes hasn’t offered loyalty since pre-pandemic, but in the past it would stack with fleet.

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