Mercedes-Benz - South (Up to $5,000 off on 2024 GLE350 and 12% off on EQS and 11% off on EQE and EQB)

Hi, Fellow LeaseHackrs!

I’ve finally moved on from Toyota to Mercedes Dealership. Just got out of training and it’s my first official day!

Still running quotes in the after hours.
But I am going to do the same on Monday, so please reach out to me.

No Broker Fees.

GLE and GLS have to be sold locally (Within Arkansas)

Derek Oh
469-426-8787 (Please text me with your name first)


Any seinnas ?

Shown to be in Stock

MSRP vehicles

Corolla LE
Sienna XLE - $6,995 over
Corolla Cross XLE
Highlander Platinum
Tacoma SR5
Tundra SR5 4WD
Tundra Limited Hybrid - $2,995 over
2 4Runner TRD Sports

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Check your most recent post


Any GR86 available?

Cars in stock at MSRP!

2022 Toyota Corolla LE
2022 Toyota Rav4 LE
2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 4WD
2023 Toyota Camry XSE
2023 Toyota Tacoma SR
2023 Toyota Tacoma SR5
2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport
2023 Toyota Tundra SR5 4WD

To inquire: Text Derek at 469-426-8787

I know the market is up but that’s too much for a Camry I remember when Audi suv were around those price.

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Too much? Like at MSRP? Or would you like to elaborate little further?

I have to agree with Ameer. My '19 Camry SE was $279 over 36 months with 1K at signing. $500+ is extraordinary. Has the cost to lease a Camry doubled in 3 years?

Yes. MF changed whole lot

first there’s a supply shortage on cars. now the MF is thru the roof. can’t win haha.

I agree! I used to do $299 Down $299 over 36 month on the Camry SE back in between 2020 - 2021.

You could get banned from WCC for this

You’re totally right. Didn’t even realize that.

EQS & EQB & EQE at 13% off pre-incentive and buy rate!!
Have over 10 vehicles in the countryside!

I do not do business on the state of CA, NY, and IL


Im interesed!!

I’ve seen a few other brokers with similar policies on not dealing with IL. Can you explain why? Just curious. I’m in IL, obviously, and I’m interested in an EQB or maybe the EQE.

The fact that I’m seeing some dealers willing to come down on EQBs is encouraging regardless. I’m guessing these aren’t flying off lots either? I know they had production issues that really limited available supply, but the apparent general consensus that it’s a fine car but not amazing value at MSRP has had me thinking some real EQB deals could emerge at some point. Think we might getting there?

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IL taxes are just wild and we have had some burns dealing with their DMVs in the past

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What options do you have in EQEs?

Same for NY? :frowning: