Mercedes Benz S class idea

Here is an idea I was wondering if someone could help run the numbers.

S-Class Plug In Hybrid

-European delivery discount
-Plug-in Hybrid tax incentive cash discount
-Fleet Discount
-Subtract $925 delivery fee
-American Express discount
-(Any other discounts I’m missing?)

This could work for the C class hybrid too, I think.


You’re not really providing any information for us to help you with. What is the MSRP and sale price? How much are those discounts? What is the residual, money factor, lease term, mileage limit? What is downpayment?

I do not know the European delivery MSRP and invoice prices.

Estmiated tax credit: $4700
Fleet Discount: $4500
American Express discount: $1000

(I do not know european msrp/invoice/rv/MF) this is an idea and I’m hoping someone with more numbers and knowledge can fill in the gaps

Try this on the MB dealer for the @senwia Maybach