Mercedes Benz May 2024 Lease Deals - ALL EQ's 15% OFF, 15% off GT, 10% off C-Classes + S-Class!

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Copy, thank you, I didn’t look that far back!

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super aggro. have owned 2 in the past and extended my audi A6/Q8 leases for 6 months. can buy at any time during this period. but needs to be crackhead tier. keep me in mind brother

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Added a ton of demo’s to the spreadsheet! GLA, GLB, GLC, C, EQB - take a look!


MSRP of $83,155
36mo/10k miles per year
First due at signing
15% off plus fed and fleet incentives…
$675/mo, no MSD’s!

Driver Assistance package, digital light, exclusive trim, graphite grey over black leather, 20’s, etc. Nice build!®-sedan-w1keg1cb5rf053815/

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In the market for SL 63 AMG - any in stock?

No SL’s in my pipeline. We are focusing on the GT for a bit now, as SL’s are slow sellers for us.

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How aggro off msrp can you go on the sl63 in general?

Does the Reignite Bonus stack on top of Fed EV and fleet incentives?

Yes - its effectively bonus cash from Mercedes. Can be used in conjunction with incentive bonus, loyalty, lease bonus cash (fed incentive) and special lease rates

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We usually decline allocations for them, they are not great to sell. We are focusing on the new GT now. Last SL I sold was $33,000 off sticker as a 2023.

What makes them not great to sell?

Honestly get one with just a few miles on it to soak up even more depreciation. I got an absolutely fully loaded SL63 with every option on it (carbon outside/inside, ceramic breaks, etc) that stickered at ~215k for like 165k with right at 1k miles on it about April of last year.

I suspect you could do even better now.

We are not enthusiastic about selling vehicles that we have to remove our entire profit margin from in order to move them. :slight_smile:

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Spreadsheet updated for May! GLE’s get some love, GLS580, EQ’s hold mostly the same but there are current loyalty incentives that can stack if you have an active lease contract ending.

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Looking for e-class. Budget is $580-660.

Its slim to find a e class with that budget, its gonna be 23 and a loaner.

You won’t find one unfortunately - the only car that can get you there is a 2023 demo, but they can’t be leased anymore.

Can we take one from WA ?

Free bump - awesome guy to work with and incredibly helpful. Although I didn’t end up leasing an EQS from him a few months ago (went with different brand altogether), he was incredibly competitive and responsive with no BS.

He’ll be my first stop when I’m back for another MB :grin: