Mercedes Benz GLC300 4matic Loaner Deal check

Hi, I’m new to the forum and it’s my first time to lease a car.
Here’s the information I got from the website

MF, RV are from edmunds. there is additional $1000 incentive but I am not sure if that will apply to loaners.

Still, I have a few questions might need your answers.

  1. I have not talked to the dealer yet. I understand this is not a good deal. Where do you guys think I can negotiate. I know I have to say NO to the down payment. I have to get the %off MSRP up for sure. what do you think would be a good % off in Seattle area?
  2. Any other risks I should be aware of loaner cars?
  3. Should I get MF lower by MSDs?
  4. Can any other offer be applied?

Thank you in advance!

That is a good deal! GLC inventory is light or you could do better!

I’m a little confused. It’s good that you consulted Edmunds for the MF and RV, but is the calculator link what the dealer is actually offering you? Or is it what you want the deal to be?

18% off is pretty good, even for a loaner.

My understanding is that the Pacific NW has pretty bad deals. You may wish to consider contacting California dealers/brokers.

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Good catch! Is that his deal or just a baseline to target?

sorry about the confusion. Put a different calculator link. Updated the link. It is what dealer has put on the website.

sorry about the confusion @paranoidgarliclover

Retract my statement not a good deal. If you are looking for a Benz try some of the West Coast Brokers. I would love to help you but with shipping my deals won’t make sense :frowning:

@leasecompanion - thank you. can you recommend someone here? I understand it is not a good deal. How much %off MSRP do you think I should ask the dealer being a loaner car? and is there anything else I can get %off with?

I know @Calvin.MB does Mercedes there and has a good reputation.

When inventory was abundant I was doing 20.9% off with 40 point MF markup.

Now I am at 15.9%

However I am not sure of the inventory situation in your locality.

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Could start with @Calvin.MB to see if he can offer anything. There’s also at least one broker who offers MB deals on the west coast (scrolling through the posts or using the search engine should bring up the name pretty quickly).

Website deals are never good, and that deal is atrocious. My father got a better deal on a brand-new GLC300 last year, and that was already not a good deal at the time.

I don’t recall seeing a lot of GLC loaner deals over the past few months, but you will want to do a search to see what you can find.

He’s in Seattle LIRC, definitely check out CA dealers. You’ll need a CA one way permit to avoid taxation; it lets you to get your car and get a one way ticket out without paying tax, also a reason some dealers don’t deal OOS.

Overall the GLB250 will be a more attractive payment. The residual is higher. I recommend you consider that model as well. Both great cars.

@HersheySweet you are truly a Wikipedia of useful info.

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tahnk you @HersheySweet. I will definitely check out CA dealers. How do we get CA one way permit? If I go through a broker from here, will he/she take care of that? Also, I am not very sure what LIRC is.

thanks. I will look into GLB250 as well.

Yes/No, some (brokers & dealers) don’t deal out of state. Dealer should take care of it, they need to get them from CA DMV which might be an issue rn with the pandemic. Last I recall.

I assume you meant to aim that the OP? :wink: Although I am considering a GLB for my next car a few yrs from now (I hope and assume that the payments will be even more attractive then… :slight_smile: ).

Oh yeah I did! My apologies! :grin: