Mercedes Benz February 2024 Lease Deals - ALL EQ's 12% OFF, 15% off GT, 10% ANY 2023's!

Date updated: 3/2/2024
Contact info: (please email me to start a conversation, it is the fastest way to reach me.)

See spreadsheet below for newest March lease deals! This month keeps up the good deals on EQ’s, EQE and EQS are the focus! TONS of fleet money (AMEX or Sam’s Club) to be applied to EQS, as reflected in my calculator.

MY LAST 2 EQS ARE 16% OFF PLUS INCENTIVES! BOTH LESS THAN $1000/mo before tax! I only have EQS580’s to offer.

E-Class also has a nice money factor for an midsize sedan lease, and some cash from Benz, keep some of the builds in the $700’s before tax. 12% off the 2023 E’s I have. SUV leases are getting a bit better as well with a lower base money factor. GLE450/53 SUV get some discount from me this month as well as some fleet money.

ANY ICE 2023 is 10-12% OFF! Only a few left! GT53’s that I have are 15% off!

PLEASE NOTE: While I understand all my deals wont be the most aggressive in some ways, I do try and provide certain “hot” deals every month. If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can keep my eye out for it.

Any deals you see in the spreadsheet are examples, and are based on MSRP’s that are mid-range, NOT base MSRP’s. If it is a specific car, it will be noted. Dealer handling, tax, title, and any other state fees are not included, but I can absolutely factor them in when I put together a quote for you. The link to each lease calculator is available for you to customize based on your location.

Remember, any numbers we discuss are preliminary estimates, and are not exact payments until I quote it with a purchase agreement.

Happy Hacking!

P.S. I also have plenty of Sprinter vans available, and I pay referrals… :slight_smile:


2020 E450 4MATIC Coupe

MSRP: $78,175
Term: 36mo/10k (flexible)
Discount: $11,000 off! (14%)
MF: .00012
Acq, Fee: $495
$780/mo, ZERO DOWN!
Great options: Obsidian/Saddle/Flowing Lines… AMG Line, Driver Assistance, Parking Assistance, HUD, Heated and ventilated seats and heated steering wheel, etc… car has also been tinted with 3M Ceramic by my in house technicians. link to the car below! You can find the calculator link in the spreadsheet.±E+450+4MATIC-W1K1J6JB3LF133072

Text me with questions!

Good looking spreadsheet! I’m glad you hopped on that train.


Welcome, and nice spreadsheet!


Is a $495 acq fee really possible? I thought the lowest set by MBFS was $795?

This deal uses an employee purchase code through MBFS, which discounts it to $495! That’s the only way.


CHEAP 2020 A220 4MATIC Demo Lease!
$39,445 MSRP, 6400 miles
$7,049 OFF! 17.87% off!
36 months, 10k mi/yr… 340/mo, 10 MSD’s OR $380/mo with zero down, no MSD’s. + tax, title, etc.

Good car! Premium package, pano roof, remote start, 4MATIC, heated seats, etc. Message me for more details!

Updated the GLA35 lease - 717/mo++ for a nearly full option car in a great spec! DA+, Aero pack, premium, multi, 20in wheels, etc. Great deal! Play around with the calculator to customize your deal. :slight_smile:

any deals on a 2020 s class? s450 or s560?

Unfortunately I just sold my last 2020 S a couple weeks ago. I doubt I could get my hands on another, sorry about that!

no problem, would you kindly let me know what kind of numbers i can expect if I were to submit a request at my local dealer?

is 30% off msrp for a lease possible?

what would be the residual and MF on a 7,500 mile per year lease?

a private message would be awesome!

thank you

PM’d you! Thanks.

Last 2020 E450 is SOLD! Thanks to you hackrs! Appreciate all of your input thus far. :slight_smile:

Looking for a 2021 AMG GT 43 in the TX area

Messaged you. Thanks!

Only ONE GLB Demo left! 21% off!! Message me!

Looking for a 2021 E350 4matic in the AL area

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Sent you a message!

Please reach out to me about GLC43’s! I need to sell some before month end. :slight_smile:

Only 2 GLB demos left. Don’t wait!!