Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

I like how this topic is considered “Solved” because of the claim that DerekOh browses with multiple tabs open haha.


That’s good to know.

It’s pretty hard to find a 3 row now. I got a quote for effectively $780/month on a loaner. Close to 17% discount before incentives. I tried to get them to 20% but they’re not getting there.

Overstating mileage as in the range or the odometer count of miles driven?

Odometer count

If you really need the space, EV9 probably has more 3rd row space. However, you are paying the same/more for a lower end Korean EV with cheaper interiors, worse ride quality/sound insulation, significantly less range etc just for a little more 3rd row space.

Reliability wise it’s an unknown for EV9. For EQS, as long as you are driving locally it’s fine, if it breaks down just tow it to dealer and get a loaner. For road trips, rent/get a gas car.

Lol I want to see a video of the car driving 60 mph past some highway mile markers to prove the bad odometer. That would lead to one of the worst recalls ever imaginable for MB. If there’s even an ounce of possibility on stock equipment (that is, he didn’t put on his own tires or wheels) MB would settle that so friggin’ fast to keep it out of the press.

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Yeah, I am not considering the EV9 honestly. It’s between the EQS or the GLS. But my wife really wants the EQS. And to be honest, the 3rd row is “just in case”. We would be fine for most of the year with 2 rows only.

I am about to go on a road trip with my sedan. Will update here if the car broke down.

a dealer is claiming 5500 amex and 7500 mb ev rebates are not stackable on a eqe500 service loaner. is that accurate?

He’s wrong. Not only it is stackable, you should get a msrp discount on top of it too.

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Tell them to look at the sales guide because there is a chart at the bottom that shows them what stacks. I can get you a copy if you need, but if you are needing a copy to show them, that dealer is not your friend and not worth your time. I would move on to a different dealer.

For a loaner, look at a minimum of 13% discount on MSRP BEFORE incentives (aim for 18-20%).


Just on the side note
Not sure if this is a good place to look for a friends LOL

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Most deals I have made came through my “friends” at the dealership. They love banter and having a conversation.

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yes, send me a link to that sales guide please.

the issue with trying to find the msrp pre-incentives is the dealers seem to be advertising them with the incentives already included. i’ve contacted corporate MB about this, but there seems to be no “dealership oversight” department and the individual dealers can advertise whatever they want. when i get into the nitty gritty with the dealers, they claim the pricing already has the incentives added, INCLUDING AMEX. how would they know the person buying the car is even qualified for it? its infuriating.

Put what you want to pay on LH calculator to see what number for what line item will work.
Copy and paste it on spreadsheet, list all the incentives you are available for.
Email them to the dealer within xxx miles.
Some will reject, some will try to move the number and if you’re lucky one may accept your number.
If you’re not, either try to work with those who move the number or wait until they come to your offer at the end of the month, quarter etc.

I think it’s also wise to look up the dealer’s directory and try to get a message to the internet sales manager. The problem with just reaching out to a showroom is their CRM will often route you to a sales associate that has no clue about all the juicy EQS deals.

This happened to me last year when I reached out to some dealerships about EQS. They were like “MSRP and that’s all I can do”. It wasn’t until I found LH and was able to get a hold of the internet sales rep that the EQS actually became a pragmatic opportunity.

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i am contacting them through their web sales and it seems to get sent to whichever random salesperson.

the newest issue I’m coming across is dealers are advertising the price on their site as including “dealer cash” or some incentive that doesn’t stack with amex. how do i navigate that?

You don’t. Here’s your line on spread sheet

MSRP Discount $… Amount …%
Amex incentive $…
EV incentive $…
Total $…

Make them fit that dealer cash into msrp discount line.

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And make them remove goofball dealer add-ons out of MSRP heh

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Create your target based on info on this forum and make offers.

Otherwise you’re going to get really frustrated with any approach that involves haggling line by line or deciphering their quotes.

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I’ve been trying to find a 3 row EQS SUV and I got a quote from an out of state dealer. Numbers are based on GA taxes. I finally got 18% discount pre-incentives which bring it to $728/month: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

I was pushing for 20%, but that seems a solid deal?