Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

I’m currently leasing both an i4 eDrive35 (for my mother in law) and EQS 450 4Matic.

The vehicles are night and day; you’ll want to do a test drive and figure out which one suits your style.

The i4 actually feels more cramped than a Tesla Model 3 and everything just kind of closes in around you. The i4 is way more “twitchy” to the extent everything about it feels dialed in to come on super fast. The on-center feel of the steering doesn’t really feel like a BMW… but is responsive. The accelerator and brake feel are super twitchy as well… any bit of brake pedal depression and the car brakes hard. My wife likes ICE BMW’s (usually 3 series) but dislikes the i4 feel. You simply cannot drive the i4 smoothly, but I feel like that’s the design intent.

The EQS is 3x more luxury and refined inside. Way more space, and everything just feels more premium. Everything around driver input just feels slower in the EQS. he steering is very muted, the acceleration comes in slower, and the braking is exceptionally vague. The EQS is tuned to be relaxing and comfortable. You simply cannot drive the EQS in a sporty way, but I feel like that’s the design intent.


Surely, one could drive EQS AMG in a more sporting manner than i4 35 or 40.

The sad part is this car is only worth around $43K.


Looks promising… and loooong overdue

Hmmm… This is making me question if I should pull the trigger on 142K 580X4 for 36/10 that is at 1350 with 10.4% tax and 10x MSD.

Hold my Dos Equis! It’s actually reasonably fast 0-30 which really matters in the city bumper to bumper traffic and with four-wheel steering it’s also quite agile for such a land yacht. Now, this is definitely not a canyon carver or a traditional muscle or sports car. So, pick your battles carefully.

This worked perfectly, I did have to go to a charger further from me because the one closer to me won’t show up in the app no matter how I try searching. Do you have any idea or experience if it will only give me 30 minutes a day or How frequently I can use this method?

Supposed to be 30 minute sessions with 1 hr break between them. Personally, I’ve plugged in multiple times a day with shortest break between sessions of about hour and a half and they did not charge me.

Just 400 in the US (2,000 globally) suggests this is more marketing scheme than actual solution. Usefull if you pass one, otherwise just a glossy ad…

Well this is interesting, I can’t seem to stop or activate a charging session ever since I did it yesterday and charged for 30 mins lol

Try looking at charging activity in the ChargePoint app. One might be stuck there. They added ability to stop sessions there, in recent update.

Worst case, just call EA and tell them you have an EQ with free charging and can’t activate, they will usually ask for EQ VIN and do it for you.

Interesting enough I see one in the ChargePoint app which is in “Pending” status but no way to stop it. I might try to call.

Sent you a pm. i can beat that deal :slight_smile:

is there such a thing of Mercedes or local dealers having black Friday deals? I’m negotiating with a local dealer but they’re not willing to haggle the monthly payment down and I know they have room. Trying to see if they would be incentivized to move the car on black Friday if it’s a thing at dealerships.

I’m afraid that when margins are negative on a vehicle, there is no “in the black” for more discounts.

What kind of deals are you working?

I’m closing in on an EQE AMG sedan

Create your own deal and send it to multiple dealers and see what they offer. You won’t get the best deal focusing on one dealer

One of you all need to make a nut-job-unicorn offer on this 2022 EQS 580… This thing is about to hit its second birthday lol.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC Sedan

It’s probably sitting there because they’re not willing to make a deal on it, considering spec is good.