Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

But once you know… it’s pretty intuitive in CDJR vehicles. :slight_smile:

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Now don’t everyone flood this dealers inbox at once (it had my name in the offer but i changed it to reflect their true intent)


And that’s probably a price that is still before taxes and government fees.

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Do we know when 2024 EQE’s will be out?


Looks like they are also upgrading the platform, which will make current Gen resale values very low. Having enjoyed a higher trade in value than residual on my last three cars (one pre COVID). I am itching to find those deals

I know the pursuit of a deal is important - but I think one of the issues with these EQS/EQE deals is people want to replicate those sweet-azz deals from May/June before MBFS ratcheted up the MF on the 13 month leases.

I get it FOMO sucks, but the harsh critiques from LH users about how the latest EQ pricing is worse than 90 days ago equally sucks.

The EQE sedan is an amazing car when compared to BMW i4, Tesla Model 3, or Kia EV6. The current offers out there are really good (even if they aren’t a Unicorn). I feel like someone in the market for an EV sedan shouldn’t hold out just because the “deal used to be better.” Look at the merits of the deals today… the EQ deals, especially in Northern California, are really good, and the car is amazing (when the car works).

This coming from someone that just a few months ago had a Tesla Model 3 and currently has a i4 lease. I didn’t know about the sweet-azz EQ deals when I leased the i4 because I didn’t have a LH account back then.


Do the EQ cars have a lot of issues? I always see people saying they are great, when they work…

My EQS has been great (had to de-badge it though since Grey Magno and badges don’t mix well hehe). But my experience doesn’t mean anything when others are having problems.

I feel like any internet forum is going to be full of sob stories and the folks with bad experiences tend to be the most vocal. So, general sentiment is hard to pin down with online stores.

However, I used to work in Corporate auto… and one recurring theme I’ve seen is that typically automakers take their rankings seriously and constantly find ways to improve their “service” experience. And, that seems to be a different perspective of “service” when compared to say Tesla.

So while Mercedes may not be the cream of the crop, at least they constantly vie for continuous improvement and at least give a damn.

Contrast that with Tesla where every single Tesla owner I know has some massive complaint about their garbage service. But they make excuses for being jerked around by Tesla since… I guess Elon?

I personally think all EVs aren’t really ready for reliability prime-time when compared to a good reliable ICE. But as EVs go, I don’t see any evidence to suggest that Mercedes EQ EVs are significantly less reliable than other EVs. I also don’t see any evidence to suggest owning a Mercedes EQ would be a terri-bad decision compared to an EV from another luxury automaker.

Quote from the below article:

Owner satisfaction with electric vehicles (EVs) grew by two points in 2023, coming within three points of gas-vehicle satisfaction. The increase is partly due to better satisfaction with EV range over previous years. In conducting the APEAL Study, J.D. Power measures gas mileage and range, finding that EV owners are more satisfied with their vehicles than gas vehicle owners, despite declines in gas prices.

J.D. Power weights Tesla separately because of its outsized impact on the segment. Though the brand performs better than other EVs in some categories, customers experience lower satisfaction with Tesla vehicles. Additionally, scores for Tesla are worse in all areas of the study. Owners are less happy with styling, range, and other factors. It’s worth noting that J.D. Power doesn’t include Tesla in its official study rankings because the automaker does not provide access to owner data in every U.S. state.’s%20worth%20noting%20that%20J.D.,data%20in%20every%20U.S.%20state.

Remember most happy customers don’t stand out on Internet and say they’re happy.
Even for Range Rover, from my friends that actually bought them, it’s far far from what you see on the Internet. Most issues can be fixed by turn off and on the engine again, force reboot the infotainment system etc.

100%. My parents love the EQS I got them earlier this year. I’ve always bought BMW/MB vehicles and the service is amazing even if things go wrong.

My Tesla Plaid has been a POS since I bought it, 14+ times at the Service Center and they have never once fixed every issue in one visit. Ended up having to get an attorney which got Tesla to repurchase and made out well. Their service is garbage all around. All they have as a compelling value prop IMO is the supercharger network. Otherwise, the other EV players have caught up in terms of tech, driver assist, etc.

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this button only exist on EQS right? not on the EQE suv? For EQE, it looks like the heated steering turns on when you turn on heated seats…

I think it’s more about timing. A precedent has already been set to sell these at a lower price. Inventory will eventually build back up and MB, driven by a desperation to show substantial q-o-q market growth, will be forced to roll back the programs. If you can’t wait for the programs to improve, I get it… but this forum is all about getting the best deal.

Meanwhile. This is pretty brutal.


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I love my EQS when it works but am having some issues. It’s back in the shop for a second time for “battery malfunction” issues causing it to shut off.

At least Mercedes service is great and gives you nice loaners and such, but so far not impressed

ah can’t wait for the day when these cars qualify for the $4k used EV rebate lol.


I think so, yes.

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Inventory will definitely increase but you’re there is no way to tell if incentives will go towards a lease. MB could very well decide to put money behind purchases, which would really screw people in the long run.

In the past week I’ve randomly come across 2 people I know who got the EQS. Talking with them they both got horrible deals comparatively but maybe average for a typical $100k+ MB? One guy traded in his GLS for positive equity and is still paying about $1200 month, the other guy has over half a dozen cars and pays whatever.
I think there are more people than everyone realizes who are buying this car at nonhacker pricing. Yeah its not flying off the lot because its priced over $100k and they don’t move like Camry’s. Its just a slower migration for high end EV’s vs the $40k Model 3.

Yeah, this forum is about deals, but it’s not like the average LH user is getting the absolute rock bottemest of deals at all times. It seems a lot of LH users go through brokers or even the LH pre-arranged deals. And I’m sure they’re really happy with their cars.

It’s not always about the pursuit of perfect price discrimination. People choosing to go through brokers are paying their nominal fees. Broker profit could just be buyer savings; but sometimes it’s not worth the struggle lol. LH users also seem fine with the LH pre-arranged deals even if some unicorns are obviously better deals.

I think this forum for the most part is just full of users who don’t like to see others overpay… but some dealer and automaker margin is still welcome.

Regarding Z0ltic’s showing of MMR, he literally provided evidence against his own argument. He shows the latest ~1.5 year 13,000 mile adjusted MMR at 50% of MSRP. This would suggest those old unicorn deals are not returning. With that evidence, MBFS will likely whack the resids on even 13 month leases as they avoid massive exposure at lease returns. So even if MBFS gives lower MF’s, they’ll offset that with much lower resids.

This is just further evidence that waiting could be a bad idea since Mercedes USA will have to address rising inventory levels using some other means than just dropping net pricing. I posted earlier that Penske said their EQS days supply was almost 200 days. We could see a correction on the supply side, not the sales side. At some point, MB-USA is better off reclaiming units and parting them out than to keep pushing net pricing down to clear channel stock.

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Often it is not worth the time and effort to save a couple hundred dollars a month. For many, the goal may be just to get a good deal (not necessarily the best deal). And talking about what will happen next month is pure speculation.