Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

Guys, Any suggestions on taking 7500 / 12000 miles for the thirty six month lease? Vs paying for extra miles at the end of lease.

Pay the mileage upfront

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Everyone on LH says to take the lower mileage lease and pay the .25 after. The numbers show it is a better value.

Just to make sure I understand, when you go over your miles, it’s a flat .25 or whatever agreed times the excess with no penalty? Let say even if you driven double 15k than the agreed 7.5k for example? I did run some calculations and in some cases the 7.5k and pay afterwards was indeed cheaper at first sight, but wasn’t sure if there were significant penalties or additional fees associated with this…


Difference in monthly payment from 7500 to 10000 miles per year on 36 month lease is $35 or so, which is 36×$35 = $1260.

If we were to pay at the end of lease - 2500 miles per year extra x 3 years = 7500 additional miles x $0.25 = $1875.

So, how is it better to pay later? Am i missing :confused: something here?

Think it is 0.20 if you buy it

Can you elaborate on what you mean by buy it?

I am probably wrong. I’m not sure whether I can reproduce it but I was playing around with lease term 24mo/36mo etc and was maybe paying too much attention to the residual… my bad. Your calculations sounds fair lol

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Buy the mileage instead of paying it at the end for over mileage


Is this something you can still do/buy after signing the lease and mid-term of the lease? You just contact the … bank?

Random question for you all - where the heck is the button to activate the heated steering wheel?

I can say “Hey Mercedes turn on the heated steering wheel” but there doesn’t appear to be an on/off button?

Yes that’s what @derekoh1991 is suggesting. He is saying buy miles before you turn the car in instead of turning the car in and get charged for overage.

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In the back of the steering wheel

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Back of the wheel??? Like how would anyone find this button? It’s worse than the volume up/down paddles behind the wheel on a Dodge.

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The button on Porsches is at the back of the 6 o’clock position on the steering wheel. Yes, no sign, no indication that it’s there.

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have the car for 5 months and I learn something new every month lol didn’t need heated steering wheel but good to know where it is.

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Das German engineering is Ze Best.

Standing Ovation Applause GIF by The Maury Show

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I just thought it turned on when the heated seats turned on :rofl:

Son of a biscuit … I don’t have a heated steering wheel. I don’t have that button above the telescoping wheel lever. What’s stupid is the MBUX lady says she turns it on when I give the voice command. But since it’s like 100F I can’t tell if it’s actually turning on.

I’m definitely returning this lease after 12 months haha.