Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

I don’t think there is any EV Conquest this month.

Drive it, and then decide. Besides, you can’t look at the outside while sitting inside

but not a fan of the looks.

As opposed to the EQS??

EV Conquest is gone

I bagged on the iX until I drove it and it is really good! Now there’s one in my garage lol.


The iX drive and power more than makes up for its looks

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Does anyone have the MF and RV for EQE SUV? I checked Edmunds, they don’t have it.

For a 7.5K/36 the RV is 57% and MF .00265 for a 350+ trim

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Sorry I forgot to specify. I was looking for 13m. Edmunds doesn’t have it, only 24 and 36m

This does not pertain to lease deal regarding the EQS but does anyone know if there is a button on the steering wheel dedicated to changing stations? I know i can use the direction pad to select the next track but is there a dedicated button? I can’t seem to figure out. TIA

No dedicated button on the wheel, have to use either left or right direction pads. Left pad in the instrument cluster media menu is probably closest you will get to dedicated buttons. I just used the main touchscreen to do it.

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Thanks… I guess I need to get used to that.

Wow Penske says days supply of EQS was 190. Wonder what Sonic, Hendrick, and Autonation have.

Is Tesla not giving $7500 to customers for lease on X or Y models?

Tesla doesn’t actually have a captive financing arm. When someone raises their hand that they are interested in obtaining financing to get a Tesla, there’s a platform for other banks to bid on that client.

So you’ll see a loan for a Tesla go to Wells Fargo, or Chase, or TD Bank, or whatever. And since these financing organizations have zero incentive (at this time) to kick back incentives to the borrower, they are not passing back value to the leasee.

I think if the credit market starts to dry up and Tesla customers need more incentives, you may see Tesla subvent auto sales by kicking their own funds into a loan to drive down the interest rates or provide incentive for a rebate being thrown back at a leasee. But that’s probably a card they’ll play in 2026 or something when the government bread lines are long and we’re required to smoke Victory-X cigarettes.


Scheduled to drop my car off next week for recall service and an issue with charging. They offered a loaner vehicle. Should I try and see what they have available or just roll with what they give me?

Also, should I say something if they try and give me something that isn’t comparable to the EQS?

Get another EQS and try it out

I wouldn’t mind a 580 or an SUV… is it worth me requesting something?

Only if they have it

Theres no guarantees but if you don’t ask they will likely just give you a C class… so ask if you care that much

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