Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

Bruh this is a killer deal.

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Take it and run !!!

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Please let me know the dealer so I can get one too.


prayers to the internet managers at PNW today …

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You see an occasional steal out of PNW but most are still getting hosed.


Amrit: Seen 6 minutes ago

Close LeaseHackr and get the dealer sir.

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No Amrit is still computing if its a good deal – Amrit you can save alot of money if you buy and hold a Subaru and toyota – your TCO will almost be half of this –


Car getting sniped by all of this forum.


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Don’t know what to say anymore… if $700/month and $0 DAS requires a deal check…


Everyone is too busy trying to beat the last guys deal. Not even sure they want the cars or the personal clout.


Do you mind linking those in the first post? Along with the MB Wiki if it’s still up-to-date. :pray:

If we are actually doing a super thread put something useful as the first post

How to get a good deal on a EQS

  1. Agree on discounted selling price before incentives. 20% or more would be hardest to find but of course will be the cheapest.

  2. Get all your incentives ready - Max discount is $12,500

$7500 EV credit - Everyone Qualifies
$1500 - EV conquest, current owners of EVs and maybe Plug in hybrids qualify
$3500 - Affinity via Navy Federal/Sams Club. Not all dealers may accept this and can be difficult.

Unsure of any state specific incentives that might apply.

  1. Know what base MF is. Can be marked up by dealer.

  2. 24 month/7.5k is the sweet spot currently since it’s cheaper to pay for overages rather than the RV bump.

  3. Use One Pay or MSDs to bring MF down further

Pro tip - if you are doing one pay/MSDs, put it on a credit card to earn a big bonus. This will reduce your cost of ownership. MB dealers I have dealt with have been more than willing to put amounts on CC, YMMV. However don’t let this be a dealbreaker.

  1. Realize this is an actual lease that likely will have no equity and that you are the hook for $10-$20k over the span of 2 years with almost no way to exit. MB does not allow transfers.

I think of Topper from Dilbert when I see threads like this.


Thanks for the summary. Updating the 1st post with all your info, except item 4 as prepaying for 10k miles upfront is slightly cheaper than paying for the overage with 7.5k miles.


Can we split the sedan thread and the SUV thread? The target discount and the inventory situation are quite different between the two.

BTW, thanks for staring this super thread. We needed this

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Pros on these EQS deals is that LH platform is getting a lot of reviews and new comers to the site.

Cons is that the newbies need to be spoon feed with similar questions over and over.

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This sums it up! Tell all the newbies to refer to this…if they have questions have them ask @HersheySweet for starting this frenzy.

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Yea LH needs message forwarding feature so I could automatically send everything to @HersheySweet


You may not get 20% on SUV yet but I have seen people get close. I don’t think it’s unrealistic. SUV has the lower RV right now but that could change soon enough with the excess inventory nationwide.

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User above claims he got 22% off before incentives on an EQS SUV and he as asking if it’s a good deal.