Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread

I dunno man, it looks like the AMG EQS pricing has dropped that far. Here’s a 2022 with like 800 total miles in Jersey for $97.5k. I think a low mileage $90k 2022 AMG EQS is totally possible. I wonder if you can lease this one hehehe.


Haha in the hour since I posted it, they already dropped the price to $95,495. By the end of the day it’ll be $3.50.

Lol my bad, the first image I posted has a delivery charge to ship into the Midwest. Whoops.


got this quote today. The car has been sitting at the dealership for 300 days

Discount isn’t bad

Is there a 24 month program? Might be even cheaper with those steep discounts

What state are you in? There’s a EQS 450 4Matic sedan here in Norcal that is leasing at about the same $ … and 4matic > RWD all day heh.
And this one is a v4 so it’s not 300 day aged and shouldn’t be throwing a crap ton of error codes after you drive it off the lot.
And this one has the best AMG Line Package 21" wheels.

2023 Mercedes EQS450V4 (Red/Beige, w/ Massage Seats + 21" Mul-Spoke)
MSRP: $118,6xx
Terms: 36/7.5k
Monthly Payment: $937 plus tax
$4,000 drive off

The MF on 24 month programs isn’t very good right now. That’s why they’re pushing 36 month leases this month. I feel like MBFS is just making sure their lease vintages don’t get over-subscribed. It seems like they’re bouncing between optimizing for 13, 24, or 36 durations as each month changes.

Im in Florida. Our dealers here are DIVAS

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Lol your deal is pretty good then.

MF is the same from 24-48

Huh so 24 month is better than 36 since the $7,500 federal tax and $4,500 fleet amortizes over a shorter duration?

Technically, but then the monthly is up on 24 than 36

r u in korea rn doing this?

No got back yesterday

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good thing you are a former Tesla owner
Unacceptable to make a mistake like that

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Is that becouse of LH?

Considering @derekoh1991 and @oarfish18 are probably losing Mercedes EQ sales to IONIQ5, I think the problem is Stuttgart whiffed big time on how they product planned the EQ lineup. Strategically, Daimler made a big bet to pursue the BEV market. But Daimler has a very old-school development lifecycle. They can’t pivot fast enough to compete with Tesla. So Daimler is now suffering the consequences.

I don’t think their processes have changed much over the years, but Daimler has this crucial development milestone known as “Lastenheft” This Lastenheft is basically the primary framework definition for the project. While it’s not a “design complete” milestone, it basically establishes rules and targets by which all development on the program has to achieve.

For example, the W223 S-Klasse had Lastenheft in 2014. The vehicle came out in 2020. No joke, that means over many years a vehicle focus is developed, and every single program group under the project has to march toward achieving the targets around cost, weight, component sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain, product marketing, and ultimately sales.

Definitely sucks for the global sales team when they’re handed product that is a jelly bean, priced too high, and only seems to have a hyperscreen as a USP. Explains why they’re moving the EQS further upscale (hyperscreen is now standard) and they’re probably going to have to push hard on EQB/EQE while managing supply more intelligently.

But that means the existing floor stock of EQS - especially the sedan will need some monstrous incentives. The dealers took a chance on the EQS, but now their flooring lines are being smashed by a lot of these EQS. I think MB-USA should just hurry the heck up and rip off the band aid. They should just run a $50mm USD program and gut their stock of 2023 EQS sedans. LH will be ready heh.


Plus Mercedes thinks that EQs are way underrated and deserves more for the luxury aspect

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They should have made the inside of the EQS look like an S-Class then lol. Kind of like how the GLS still just looks like an E Class inside. If the EQS was supposed to be aspirational luxury why benchmark the lower end car?

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Question directed to MBUSA