Mercedes Benz E300 4matic Exec Demo loaner w/ P3 package (w/o 12'' digital instrument cluster)



I am currently in the market for a new car for my wife. I wanted to get adaptive cruise control which for Mercedes you need to get one of the top packages. In short, very limited inventory for dealers to have demo/loaners with driver assistance package. I got this quote from the dealer 3 hours away and wanted to seek how to proceed. They initially offered $727 down at 7,500 miles it will be $727 a month. With $747 down at 10,000 miles it will be $747 a month. I said it is still too high for a 2018 demo, and asked for 22% off MSRP, which was declined and I got this offer below.

2018 E300 4Matic (Executive demo - listed as new on cargurus 111mi with P3 package)
MSRP: $69710
Discount: 18% (57162.2)
MF: Buyrate 0.00070
RV: 55% (for 36/10k)
MSD: Max (9)

Winter Incentives:$1000? According to edmunds, but dealer didn’t mention the incentives.
Here are the numbers I get. Monthly $552 w tax (10.4% for WA state)

Am I calculating this right? Let me know what you guys think of this deal. Thank you.


Speak with @djrabbi - He just did a solid deal on one of these


Thank you, I just sent him a message.
With it being a 2018 loaner (but only 111 miles), is 18% the best I can get right now? Should I wait for feb to see if I can do better? Can I do as good as this one on a new 2018 E300?


It sounds like you’re on the right path… sedan sales/leases are in the toilet so finding a dealer ready to deal is the goal. If you’ve only contacted one dealer, I’d keep going. If you’ve got a little time to shop around, you’re holding the cards.


What was the monthly payment and drive-off amount they provided for 18% off MSRP and buy rate MF? If it’s similar to the deal on the calculator, that looks great. This is a $70K car we’re looking at here.

The $400/month loaners you here about are cars with 5,000 miles on the odometer and $55K MSRP.


push for 20% off before incentives.


Thanks! It’s harder to find demos with options I want (P3, heat package which is like 72k MSRP). And plus being in Seattle doesn’t really help so I am contacting dealers in Oregon. I do have some time to shop around, we are in no rush. I did hear that MB incentives go away usually after Feb for the previous year gen models so I am debating whether I should bite the bullet. There is a 2018 New E300 4matic at a dealer in Seattle, but he was pretty certain that the best he can take off MSRP was around 13% – which I don’t think would be a great deal yet.


Thanks for the reply. They haven’t reached back out yet with the exact numbers, but I looked at the calculator based on the numbers (MF, RV, Sale price, etc) that the provided. I requested for the exact numbers. Yes, I think the numbers are actually pretty decent if they come up the same as the calculator. will update when I get the numbers.


I will try! What do you think I can push for 2018 NEW models (E300 4MATIC)? 13% seems too low for a previous model year. What is a realistic number? Also, can someone in Seattle lease from Cali? Thanks!


CA sales people working for other makes have said on the board that there is a strong reluctance to work w/ out-of-state clients, IIRC.

If the only thing you’re putting down are the MSDs and whatever fees and taxes are usual, your monthly looks pretty amazing…


I did my Mercedes C class lease through a Seattle area dealer, but man it was a slog. MB Seattle and MB Lynnwood don’t go deep enough on loaners (or new) to be competitive.

Bellevue can be, but because they’re AutoNation they don’t haggle and mark up the MF. They reduce prices as the cars sit unsold and if you catch it right, you can land a deal but it literally requires refreshing their inventory everyday.

When C class and E class loaner deals were really good last year, the most success I heard was from the Portland area dealers.

What were the numbers at 18%? I think that’s probably approaching as good as it gets.


Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems pretty tough to replicate amazing deals on this forum in the Seattle market, to be honest. Which one did you go to? The Bellevue one? Only thing is that they don’t have the package I want (driver assistance).

The seattle dealer has one with all the options I want(P3 and Heat) but it is new so they won’t really go down far on price (over the phone he said about 12-13% would be maximum – didn’t even get to MF so I’m not sure how much markup there will be). Well I am actually waiting on the monthly numbers with the 18%, I think if they stick with all the numbers(buyrate 0.00070, Max MSDs, RV 55% for 36/10, discount 18%) they gave me I think it is pretty much as good as it gets around this area.

I learned my lesson on my previous lease the hard way so I am trying to ask on this forum as much as I can :smiley:


Yep. Bellevue.

Hackr deals can be had here for multiple brands but it takes time, patience, and a willingness to drive to Tacoma or Portland. Yes the deals are typically better elsewhere, but even if you buy out of state, you have transport costs and the hassles of registration which eats up savings.

Let us know how the numbers look when you get them.


which dealership?


If the loaner only has 111 miles, 18% is strong.


depends on how badly you want the car … if you are dead set on it, then pull the trigger. If you have confirmed MF from dealer and got an actual quote, 18% is strong. But if you dont mind waiting a bit (and okay loosing to someone else) then I would wait till it gets closer to the end of the month. Send them a note clearly staying your offer $XXX before incentives at buy rate , and say you can wait till the end of the month to see if someone else is willing to take it at 18% as your only good at 20%. Its a gamble, but if you want the extra discount you can wait. Worst case you can change your mind and get it at 18% end of the month too :wink: but you have to be willing to give up on this car for this approach.

i have no attachments to leases, so I do this all the time. I have a 80% success rate.

do you qualify for fleet, penfed, united ?? that may also help?


This is the email I got today:
You can actually do 10 MSD. With 18% off and 10 MSD ($8000) your payment is $720.99 including your state and county tax and no other money down.

Also since this is a EDD, Mercedes will not include the winter event bonus.

*previous email he said: 18% off is our best offer. We will do the buy rate, max MSD and residual as well.
(I gave him buyrate MF=0.00070, 9 MSDs- 10 will become zero MF which you can’t do, 55% residual for 36/10k miles)

Am I calculating things wrong? I think he boosted MF again. How can I do 10 msds if that will mean 0 MF. I am not sure if he is being shady or what. Dang. Maybe I should wait a little more. Also does loaners do not apply for any incentives?


I see. What should I ask for new 2018 E class vehicles?


Beaverton location.


I see. Yeah he gave me a final quote with another boosted MF :frowning:
I may have to wait out a little like you said.
Also, I should qualify for the ADA discount, but seems like they don’t apply it towards 2018s in Jan and also not on executive demos?