Mercedes Benz C450 AMG Lease

Does anyone know the current RV and MF for a 2016 MB C450 AMG (36mo and 10k/yr)? Also does anyone have an idea of a reasonable % off MSRP that I should shoot for? Tx for the help

2016 C450 AMG 4MATIC, 36/10K

Residual: 59%
MF: .00129

The program isn’t great, but it’s better than before. MBFS didn’t have subvented rates for most of last year on C450 (MF of .00200).

You can lower the MF with multiple security deposits. The FEP incentive, if you qualify, on 2016 C-Class is $2,000.

that’s very helpful. thank you.

So, I’d like to get 8% off MSRP to get the price where I’d like it… Is that a reasonable expectation? If not what is reasonable? Also, I do qualify for FEP, but I’d like 8% in addition to that… again is that reasonable or not?