Mercedes Benz C350e Lease Help

I am currently looking for a lease on the C350E as well. Here is what I have been offered:


MSRP: $52,230
Discounts/Incentives: $3500ish (covering 3 of 6 payments remaining in current lease and taking $2000 off)
MF: .00073
Residual: 56%
Down/Driveoff: $6000 (Including $3501 of customer cash- only $2500 out of pocket)

Monthly (including tax and maintenance): $543

I have been told that due to the low inventory that there are not many deals to be had. According to Edmunds forum though, the MF seems off. Any help is appreciated!

C350E are extremely limited the fact that the dealer has 1 is extremely lucky. When calculating Down/Drive Off you shouldnt put 3,500 customer cash there because it makes it confusing. 2.5K out of pocket!

the dealer told me is was used as “down payment” so not sure where to put the $3501 cash incentive they are offering at the moment.

Would you consider this a decent deal?