Mercedes-Benz C300 deal

After getting nowhere with local dealers here in Columbus, OH, I have negotiated the following deal in Michigan for a 2016 C300 on a 39 month/10,000 mile per year lease. I studied everything I could find here and on another forum, put together what I thought was a fair deal using the Leasematic app and sent the screenshot to the dealer. They accepted without any haggling and I pick up the car Memorial Day weekend.

MSRP 50,980
Selling price 44,980
Acquisition, registration, document fees 1,075
Sales tax 1,094
Net cap cost 47,149

Residual 64%
Money factor 0.00074 (0.00144 + 10 MSD at $450 each)

Monthly payment 431.40
Due at signing 4931.40 (first month + MSD)

Perhaps I could have squeezed a few bucks out, but I’m extremely pleased with this deal and can’t wait to take delivery of my new car.

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64% residual on 39 month? Wow, that’s great.

For May, the residuals on the C300 are the same for 39 months as for 36 months. That helped drop the payment by $31 a month.

It’s still great even for 36 month on a 2016 MY.