Mercedes Benz C Class Owners $500 off on new 2019 Model (Possible for other models?)



I have a leased 2016 C300 and I got a invitation in the mail for a test drive and additional $500 off on the new C class.

This is just a heads-up to check your mail and not just throw away the invitation without looking and if you get one and don’t plan on using it, you can help another member on the forum maye.

Here are some pictures:


Are you sure you properly redacted your documents? LOL


Yoi should also check to see whether you qualify for Loyalty. In Nov it was $750 for the C Class.


Not enough but it’s alright if someone gets another $500 off lol :wink:


If I don’t end up using, I’ll be more than happy to share it with a member here!


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Well no collusion here between Mercedes and I :joy::joy:

Maybe they should try harder since that was a matter of MILLIONS!