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Does Merc allows transfer now or original owner is at the hook ?

Neither, they don’t allow transfers at all (Assuming you mean how Nissan keeps original owners liable if the new lessee vanishes)

Yea I meant if you want to switch to a new car in like 6 months, can you transfer the responsibility completely

Nope, but they do allow third party buyouts

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Dropped a message. Looking for a 3rd row seat. Please dm me

@LuxConcierge i am in CT on eastcoast, any deals for non Cal gyus? i am interested in Macan demo / loaners, Defender 110, BMW

Wow the EQB is on a fire sale!


Please dm me if you have eqs with 3rd row seat.

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I’m interested in 2023 EQB 300 4MATIC SUV, but with 10k a year miles.
Problem is I don’t have Sam’s club membership or Amex Fleet card.

What would the OTD price be for lease? monthly rate +tax included.
Black color (If possible with Black rims) with 10k miles yearly.

I have 720+ credit.
Thank you.

You have to work hard to not qualify, there are many many many ways to get the certificate.

what you mean by certificate?
Like Sam’s Club & Amex? I believe you have to be a member for 60 days to qualify for the offers.

It’s also via employer. Search forum for employer list.
I think any Amex card works but not sure. Can someone with Amex confirm?

Any Amex works! Same day application also works for Amex.

Please not for Sam’s Club, you MUST be a member for 60 days prior.

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Any S500 or GT53? 12 months one pay?

MSRP: $129,XXX
Monthly Payment: $829 + tax (MSDs drops it to $717/mo plus tax)
Drive-off Amount: $3500
Term: 36/7.5k

can i get some details on the car and 10k/year

Is the EQB 300 4matic still available?

I am getting a good deal on a EQS 450+, the car is in transit so i won’t be able to see the car but the dealer wants to sign the lease, pay all MSD, Drive off today and they will “adjust” the end date once the car is ready for pickup.

Who is liable if car arrives damaged or totalled? Anyone has done that, and can a shed some light if this is a legit scenario?

Any information about S580 lease’s?

These people don’t even bother to respond to texts or private messages.

12 month leases were never available and the 13 month lease program got killed a few months back