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MB loyalty? You mean the random code that nobody knows the criteria for but apparently almost nobody qualifies for?

Can you share how does the deal change going from 13m/7.5k to 24m/7.5k on the EQSs?

Also, do these deals include MSDs or are before MSDs?

13 month is the best term to be honest. You can always try to extend 3-6 months as well to get the most bang for your buck.

not in california, you need to pay for full second year’s tax

Just use up the miles, and turn the car 1 month early


Thanks to Ayra for a great experience with a 2023 EQS 450+ SUV. He’s a great communicator and the deal was super smooth. Still shocked to have a 107k msrp lease for so cheap. Only minor negative was the dealer experience being pretty anesthetized but can’t blame them for not rolling out a red carpet when they’re likely losing a lot on the car. This was my first lease using a broker after doing over a dozen leases myself. I can highly recommend Lux!

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Wish I had trusted him months ago. He saves hours of pain and suffering, and makes the dealer do that for you.

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@LuxConcierge do you have any 2022 SL63 for lease?

Please refer to most recent post (it’s better :))

What is amex fleet? Is there a specific amex card i need? Is it also a 60 day member requirement like sams club?

Any Amex card works. There is no 60 day limit for Amex. You can sign up for Amex same day.

For Sam’s club you must have been a member for 60 days to clear any confusion.

Just asking, does the Optima Card count as ‘Amex’, and if I have Fleet employee, does that give anything extra?

The Optima Card should work as a fleet card. Text us directly and we can send you a link to see if it does.

If you are employed by a fleet company, that can work in lieu of Amex or Sam’s club. Fleet is the best discount available for Mercedes currently and is not stackable.


Wow! Are there any EQS 450 SUVs left? very interested

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Do you have GLE450 in Hybrid?

When you say updated for Nov 19th, can you point out which of the vehicles the pricing has changed? Looks like all the pricing is the same as you’ve already posted.

Do you have any GLE 53? Thanks

Any good Mercedes SL 43 deals? Best I’ve seen is 16K off a 116k MSRP.

I am interested in
2023 EQE 350 SUV 4MATIC

Monthly Payment: $599 + tax (MSDs drops it to $527/mo plus tax)
Drive-off Amount: $3500
Term: 36/7.5k

How about $2k drive off and 9K/year miles, could you please let me know the monthly payment.