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Hello Arya,

I’m interested to lease a 2023 AMG C43 Sedan 4MATIC 36month/7500.zip code 93063
What kind of deal am I looking at?

Are these only available to CA residents or just need to be picked up in SoCal but can be leased out of state?

:point_up_2::point_up_2: @mjp - There you go.

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Picked up our EQS Sedan yesterday thanks to Mina! Awesome deal and by far the nicest car we’re ever had the pleasure of riding in, let alone owning! Thank you, Lux Concierge!


refer to most recent post

Any EQE sedan lease deals like in May? Looking for 24/7.5

please refer to most recent post

What’s the MF and residual for the 13 month s500? Been searching for it
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Can you ship to North Cal?

Yes, we can ship to NorCal.

they are a real brokerage, and pretty awesome.


Deleted my comment - I responded to an account that was posting for the first time ever called Lux_Concierge (note the underscore). It’s been removed so I might have been correct in thinking it was not legit.

2022 SL63 Convertible 8/2 Deal

Alpine Grey/Black Nappa Leather

MSRP: $195,XXX
Monthly Payment: $1799 + tax (1650+tax with MSD’s)
Drive-off Amount: $5000
Term: 36/7.5k

$600 Shipping to SoCal

Call/Text/E-Mail or send us a PM on hackr! Serious Buyers Only.

:calling: Mina Halaka (818) 941-2323

:calling: Arya Kesha (714) 683-4184

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Any EQE or EQS sedans available?

Yes we will be updating pricing for August shortly!


What qualifies as loyalty and fleet?

fleet is amex, Sams club for 60 days, qualifying employer. Loyalty is a code MB would have emailed you if you qualify.

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How much more would it be without loyalty? To confirm, are the data accurate, as with MSD some lower MSRP have higher monthly payments?

$30 a month more for 36 month leases

$90 a month more for 13 month leases.

Msds is available for all leases except 13 month programs.