👔 Mercedes-Benz April CA Specials - LUXCONCIERGE

That SL55 deal looks solid. :clap:


Is the deal on the SL still going on through end of the month or it’s over now?


Do you have similar deals for EQE?

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How come i only see mercedes deals for EQS ans SL? What about GLE, C63, E63 etc?

that’s cause not every car can be a “deal” for the season. If you want something off list you’re going to have to pay the “higher” end for something not “in season” . I also suggest calling or emailing OP. Doesn’t seem like he/she checks PM’s.


We’re working on some similar deals for EQE, but inventory is still light on them

@om86baig all depends on incentives and inventory

@Alex we’ve been slammed, getting to our PMs now!

Any movement on EQBs?

@BigNerd not as of yet, they don’t make sense when the EQS is only a little more :sweat_smile:

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That makes sense… although… if an EQB can be had for $600/mo with only first month drive-off and no MSDs… some may prefer that over the EQS SUV. :slight_smile:

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@BigNerd I agree! I just don’t see EQB/EQE getting cheap till inventory stabilizes, my only concern is that $7500 going away before it happens. The extra features of the EQS line are nice at the end of the day :man_shrugging:t2:

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Do you still have the EQE sedan available?

It sold but I do have a regular eqe350+ available for a little less. Text us!

Hi, I’m really interested in this. Is this pricing before or after enhancement?

@Leo_Law This is pricing after the enhancement!

Cool, do you have any 4 matic EQS or EQE?

Please refer to most recent post


I was going to say bold claim but tis true - about $2,000 less due at signing than the other guys. Kudos! I’m still lurking for a :unicorn:


Does a Toyota Mirai count for Conquest?

Thank you for the kind words @Alex

It does not unfortunately :frowning: