Mercedes Benz A Class

The new MB UX system is the selling point of this new baby benz.

I really don’t understand the crossover craze. I get it if you live somewhere with inclement weather and you need the ground clearance/AWD but I can’t really think of any real game changer that’s driving people to ditch sedans/hatchbacks for crossovers. After getting into some of these crossovers, I can’t even buy the space argument. I guess that means sedans will cost less for the rest of us.

If they continue to make them.

I think you either get it or you don’t. People love the increased driving height and vertical space. But I’ll agree that the argument is less convincing when you think of crossovers like the C-HR or CX-3 tough

Alas I don’t think it will. If that was the case then wagons would be cheap as chips right now? But uuuuuh they definitely aren’t. All that will happen, (as has already started) is that production will become more limited and thus prices will stay stubbornly high

There’s something slightly irrational about the craze because otherwise wagon and minivan sales wouldn’t have fallen so much.

The first X3 had less cargo space than its contemporary 3 series wagon. Guess which one is practically dead in the USA and which one has spawned countless, less practical variations

Absolutely agree! But there’s nothing rational about car buying. Otherwise we’d all be driving a Prius.

This is true, and I totally understand. But I don’t ‘get’ it. It personally feels like the further elevated you get on the road the less connection you have to it. The first thing I do when I get in a car is put the seat alll the way down.

It also depends on where you live in the US. I’m in an urban area, the 170hp of Golf is MORE than adequate. Drove a relative’s Stinger GT, and all that HP is great… But really only if you have space to open it up (which exists in plenty of parts of the US).

For me, I also think the NVH of the VW 1.8L is LEAGUES better than the POS 1.8L I had in my Mercedes C250. I don’t think the 2.0L engine is that much better in terms of “inherent” NVH; I think MB just did a much better job of isolating it from the occupants…

This car will be a big seller just based on the badge and interior alone. It’s supposed to be a better driver, too (which wouldn’t be too difficult).