Mercedes Benz 2019 S560 Lease - Opinion/Referrals

Hey guys,

I am recently in the market for the 2019 S560 or the E53 AMG and recently received a quote on the S560 that I wanted opinions on. See below:

MSRP: 117,245
Selling Price: $98,245
Drive Off: $5,000
36/10K for $1360 Plus Tax

Is this a decent deal?

Also looking for referrals to other dealers that can provide me with another quote.

I helped a friend lease an S560 just this week.
2330 due at signing including first months payment
$1,280 plus tax per month
36 months, 7,500 miles

Not a deal I personally would have taken, but friend was set on this particular car so I did what I could over the phone.

Someone recently got an S450 for a killer dealer, I would ask them.

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It was a smoking deal.

Loaner, 9k miles, MSRP was over $100k, Max MSDs, $1.3k driveoff, $885 w tax


Since you’re in SoCal, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Dez at MB Long Beach. I considered an S560, but my wife preferred another SUV. Admittedly, the incentives and RV/MF were different in Fall 2018. But, I think there’s a redesign in the works, so perhaps a deal can be made. Feel free to PM me if you want Dez’s contacts.

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Thank you for the feedback!

how much are you willing to spend? If you are willing to spend what that quote says you might be able to snag a base e63 for 1500 +tax.

Hello, I just passed by the dealer today. Was offered $103K selling price on a $111K S560. If the general consensus to get 10 to 12 % of MSRP on S560 and then would I stack 10% to 12% with $10,000 Lease Incentive to get my selling price close to $84k to $88k for a $111k? I already have a E-Class the lease is coming to end in December.

Dez has helped me out with a few cars - I’d def go with him. no BS - just a great deal!