Mercedes autopay discount discontinued

A dealer told me yesterday they were discontinuing the auto pay discount on Oct 3rd. Has anyone else heard this?

Will ask my dealer today when I go in and look at a car.

first bmw now mercedes… dammit do they plan to destroy the world with this madness!

The thread says they enrolling with Autopay along with MSDs. Autopay still appear to be valid so far. Will get to know Oct 3rd onwards soon :slight_smile:

Any update to see if autopay is still an option ?

It still was yeterday when I got a quote…

Yes, discontinued…

i guess Benz MSDs are bye bye soon too…

The big 3 collude in other ways I am not surprised here either

interesting…like 305Hacker, I wonder if Benz MSDs will also go away soon.

Especially since many MB dealers don’t do them anyway.

Autopay is definitely gone. Just put a deposit down on a car and specifically asked. It’s gone.

Bummer, just did a deal on a new E300 on 10/2 and was planning on signing up for autopay. Hopefully the cutoff is based on the day the deal is signed and not on the day one actually signs up for autopay.

Autopay has to be setup when you sign the paperwork, not afterwards.

Thanks Jon, I wasn’t aware of that.

I would imagine you could sign up for it afterwards, you just wouldn’t receive any benefit from it because you already signed the lease papers.

True. I should clarify, the MF discount for autopay has to be setup at time of signing. It’s a moot point now anyways.