Mercedes 2018 GLE350 4MATIC

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: MBZ 2018 GLE350 4MATIC

MSRP: $71,735

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000

Total Due At Signing: $2,374
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $759.87

Zip Code: 94010
Sales Tax Rate: 8.75%


Please advise if this is a good deal? I’m looking for GLE350 4MATIC '18 with over ~$72K in MSRP. If you know a better deal please share!


They giving you MF at buy rate or jacked up?

That’s all details that I have from them.

Ask them how much principle (down payment) is in the first months drive-off charge, then put it into the calculator; a 10 year leasehackr score is a good deal or less than 1% of MSRP (which is a 9-yr time to repay MSRP including taxes in a high salestax state = 109%) which is a little worse, per month.

That is better than I was quoted this week. I was looking at a GLE 350 4matic that MSRP’ed at 67400, with zero down 36/12000 they quoted a staggering $950 a month.

They gave me the MF and residual (.00068 and 53% respectively) I could not replicate the lease in any calculator. When I asked them to explain how they got that number, they refused and stopped responding to my emails.

So…go for it.