Mercedes 2018 GLE350 4MATIC socal

try to lease a GLE350 4MATIC socal ,any ADVICE ? thank you

I would literally wipe my ass with that then hand it back and politely walk out of the dealership, and call @GeorgeCSL who’s leasing GLEs for $560 + Tax & TTL.


Hey @bfourey, Thanks for the mention!

@kuo_Irene, If you would like I can send you a message regarding that car, I worked up some numbers based on the MSRP you have there. I can do around $650 per month with $0 down before taxes and fee’s.


OP, how fast can you run ?


@GeorgeCSL I’d love to see that deal you’re speaking of! I’m in the market for an '18 GLE, looking to stay at or below $650 with Zero down. Closest I’ve been getting is Low to mid $700’s.

I have the same car- my selling price was $54,764.80.

Hi George, I am also interested in a Gle. If you could contact me , I would be very interested. Thank you

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Hi @GeorgeCSL, I am leasing a 2018 GLE350 in the next 2 weeks and would like to get some numbers from you. Thanks

Hi @GeorgeCSL looking to lease a 2018 gle350 with at least option 1 and option 2 included white or silver exterior and black interior. 12k miles per year, I live in SoCal. Can you please shoot me some numbers Thx.

Is $850 including tax good for 2018 gle 350with Msrp of 75k as well as 15k miles 36 month lease, only $2400 total drive off

There are some good dealerships on West Coast I heard, if you live in CA try to call them and even walk into few. I would try to get that 2018 GLE 350 with $75K MSRP for around $750/mo to $780/mo with $0DAS.
Good luck.