Mercedes 2018 C300 lease

Just received this quote from a dealer for a 2018 Mercedes C300 4matic with AMG package car has a little over 4000 miles

Msrp: 49870
Dealer price: 42184
Aquisition: 1095.00
Doc fee:75.00
inspection fee: 10.00
tax: 1192.14
maintenance: 36/30k for extra 19.00 a month (didnt ask for this)
due at signing 3142.26
$470.12 a month
$564.00 a month with everything rolled in
They would not provide residuals or MF
gut tells me this is not a good deal and aquistion seems marked up. What do you guys think?

Not enough of a discount for a loaner, marked up acquisition fee, and the fact that they will not tell you the money factor which guarantees it’s marked up makes this a bad deal.

That’s what I figured Thanks.