Mercedes 2017 C300 sedan lease- good deal?

Just signed a lease deal on 2017 C300 4matic sport with premium 3 package, with following numbers:

msrp: 53360
selling price: 43000 (includes employee fleet discount)
Additional options: prepaid maintenance (750$, residualized) + first class lease protection (899$)
Acq fee: 1095, Doc fee: 250, Sales tax: 1000 (8%)
Residual: 63% for 7.5k/year
MF: 0.00047 (with 10 MSDs and autopay)

Monthly payment: 375, First payment: 750 (includes title, registration etc) + security deposits. Dealer absorbed additional 550$ due at lease signing.

Felt like a good deal to me. Anything else i could have done to bring down the numbers further?

Since you signed, the only possibility is looking into canceling the first class lease protection.

Otherwise, good job on the MF using max MSD and autopay, and the selling price looks pretty good as well. Congrats on the new car. Post a pic

  1. For 7.5K/year you did not need prepaid maintenance - can do just a couple of oil changes.
  2. Not needed $899. I think most brands provide some wear & tear “forgiveness”.
    So, extra $1,650 = addtional ~$50/mo

The prepaid maintenance can be residualized on M-B leases, which the OP did. He’s paying ~40% of its MSRP which is probably much cheaper than one Service A (after year 1) and one Service B (after year 2) at M-B dealerships.

Where? Can you share dealer info?

I understand that. You can just do oil change anywhere and not do MB service at all. I just answered OP’s question “Anything else i could have done to bring down the numbers further?”.

Is that only for MB employees ?

I residualized the maintenance so its only costing me around 300$ for 2 visits. Took the lease protection just coz I figured it would cost me more even if I have a single big dent or some major under bumper scratches.

Employee fleet program is not just for mercedes employees, but your employer needs to have a corporate account with MB. Here are the details and incentives:

I won’t belabor the point further, but suffice to say dents smaller than __ are forgiven (should be written somewhere) and anything larger is cheap to have PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) done on it. You’d need ~4 large dents to approach 900+ in costs.

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If you keep it under your allowed mileage, you don’t need the second visit at 20K miles before turning the car in.

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Yeah. This is for Volvo, for example:

Normal Wear & Use
Smaller than or equal to 1.5" in diameter
Three or fewer dents per panel

Excess Wear & Use
Larger than 1.5" in diameter
Four or more dings and dents per panel
Dents that have been previously repainted

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Looks pretty good not sure about those two additional options though. What’s base MF? Can you let me know which dealer and do you happen to know residual value for 10k or 12k?

It’s .00127 per Edmunds, which makes sense since the OP did 10 MSD at .00008 each, I think

.00010 for autopay and .00007 for each MSD.

That makes sense. Thanks for the correction.