Merc Benz E300 Front Bumper Cracked

Hi All,
My 2018 E300 has a crack on the lower end of the front bumper and is a large one as I hit the pavement in order to save myself being hit by a deer (This happened approx6 months back) and I went to Mercedez Shop which gave me a quote of $2100 to replace it and I wanted to check know since my lease expiry is coming up and I am little confused if I should claim insurance and get this thing replaced as its in real bad shape (pics).

Any help on this what I can do and if their is a cheap way if I had to get this done out of my pocket.


Did you have your lease-end inspection yet? If so, how much did they say it would be to get it fixed?

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There’s a body shop or bumper place that could fix that

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No I am still 7 months to lease expiry and my dealer is offering me swap for new lease so thought of checking my options and what the experience folks here have as an advice for me.

Thank you Joe will search for a bumper shop.

Bumper aside, proceed wIth caution.


Yesterday everyone told you not to trade in your car early unless Mercedes Financial is going to waive your payments which is unlikely for 8 payments… and yet here we are considering trade in early.

A bumper shop should be able to get that fixed decently cheap.


I knew a guy once that flipped his car trying to avoid a deer. Cop told him always go for the deer instead…

  1. you avoid potential catastrophe (ex: flipping car)

  2. you can claim a comprehensive claim with a deer hit, saving money most of the time, since most people have a low(er) comp deductible.


This is now doubly true in California.

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I mean if it’s fresh…why not.

You can only tag x number of deer per year in the north country, for example, so if it can feed a family all winter go for it.


Yesterday, you posted this. :thinking: :man_facepalming:


yes that’s correct @Jon I posted it and it still holds true … and before returning up for my lease (as now I got some private folks offering me better new deal) I thought of checking what should be done before even thinking of going for new lease. As I said my car is in mint condition and that bumper damage is something I dnt want to get charged for before I return my lease.

“Mommy, I think I just bit into a bone.”

“Don’t be silly, Billy, that used to be part of a headlight.”

I’m being totally serious though

Not uncommon for folks to pick deer up if it’s a fresh accident.

I don’t think you understand what mint condition means.


ok :slight_smile: np not going to argue here … as need help and don’t want some sarcasm :slight_smile:
All I am saying is truth sir … hence I posted the pics and not trying to hide anything from this forum where I want some suggestions from.
Except for that lower damage on the bumper their is nothing on my car… hence I posted all the pics and said its in mint condition (as fixing that bumper is my prirotiy before returning the car) and posted what I psoted here for some guidance.

no @JamesBond I am not going to trade early unless price is right although some pvt msgd with some numbers, so before I do anything I thought to check with the forum to get this bumper thing fixed and I am taking the advice of not getting fooled with wrong numbers or heavy monthly pmts. This thread was just to get an advice on getting this bumper issue which only underside to be fixed if any good offer comes in another couple of months and if I have to give the car so would give it with this small issue fixed before hand.

There are people who want to take over your $800+ E class?

No James, but some pvt msgd with possible new lease on new care in next month (Nothing concrete) and numbers are not good either.

I think it’s “fully loaded” too