Mdx vs cx9 inputs

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This is for one of my friends. He is getting the following 2 deals on 36m/10k miles:
Mdx base trim for $380 monthly with $3000 das
CX9 touring (prem pkg) for $370 monthly with $2500 das

I don’t have other details at this moment but will try to get more details and update here.
But I wanted to know your feedback on what is a better option in terms of a good car and the value if one has to choose between the above. Would appreciate some inputs.


Mdx is very dated.

CX9 is a miserable POS.

I’d take the mdx any day of the week.

Tell your friend to find a broker in the forum

Or to post directly on this form. No reason to play telephone.

Take the CX9 deal, flush it down the toilet
Ask for a better price on the MDX deal.

I’ve never heard of anyone posting stuff on a forum “for a friend”? Sounds like your “friend” is a lazy POS.

Unfortunately, it seems to happen a lot here, and it never goes well.

If you will choose MDX reach out to @aspec1 and get a quote from him. He is a NJ dealer.

Also check base Volvo XC90 . Does Your friend have Costco membership?

@karan1981 I understand that the critical comments may come off as, well, critical. Tech savviness isn’t the issue. It’s that the overwhelming majority of the time (I would almost go as far as saying always), having the friend come here an act as an intermediary doesn’t work. The friend never listens to the advice given and the exchange of information through the game of telephone never works. What ends up always happening is someone posts for their friend, questions are asked and advice is given, and the questions are never answered and the advice is totally ignored.

I think the issue stems from people wanting to use this site like google rather than like a library. They key to getting a good lease deal is to be as educated about the lease deal as possible. No one ever learned anything by sending someone to class for them.

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