MDX 2019 Tech 499/month in NJ..first due at signing.. is it a good deal?

i already lease a 2017 MDX and got the quote from the same dealer for 499/month for 2019 MDX with Tech and only first payment das.

is it a good deal?

Its a 10K/36 months.

i just guessed number to make the deals for the number i get from dealer.

please check and let me know… Thanks!!

Without digging into details like MF, residual value, and selling price, this deal (assuming same mileage) is better than my lowerest quote in December last year which was $525 per month (12k/ year), first month DAS. But didn’t get it cuz I can’t stand the outdated infotainment system and CRT monitor like low resolution screen.

Is that for 10k miles a year and 36 months?

yes 10K … updated the message with more info…