MD Temp Tag Question

Would appreciate it if someone can chime in that has recently purchased a vehicle from MD and has temp tags.

My dealer issued temp tag lists a MD driver ID number even though I am an NY resident.

Dealer insists on that being the correct case and is not invalid.

Does your temp tag registration card driver ID match your license?

Got pulled over yesterday and cop said it doesn’t match so is invalid so was told to stop driving until plates come in.


I did hear that NY is cracking down on Invalid Tags and that sure sounds like one of them.

Did you do an overnighter with @Dany1122


Do you want to message me a picture of the tag so I can look it over? It should have “state to be registered” and have your information on it. I work with an MD dealership, so I see the tags all the time.

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similar thing happened to me – I’m telling you its the car – they get curious – lucky they were nice about it – A bad person would have hit you with bogus nonsense

Its not our fault – I didnt know or else I would have kept the entire lease contract with me at all times – not that I didn’t show the digital copy


Im guessing Brooklyn that shithole is no joke


What pisses me off more is cops would rather hassle abiding citizens than chase down menaces to society


do you have MD tags on?

Yea has MD temp tag

I got a car from MD 4 months ago and they sent me home with dealer tags and mailed me a envelope with ny tags and I sent the dealer tags bag

Wait you got dealer tags? Like actual plates :joy:

Never heard that happening.

Yeah. I had done the deal with one finance manager but he gave me a 9% finance rate. I called and got another manager and he got me 6%.

The old dude ripped up my temp tags and they couldn’t print it out again so they sent me home in the dealer tags.

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Thank you @DMVLease for clarifying this.

Turns out, it is legit that MD issues a MD ID number on the temp tags that create inconsistencies with DL ID. Another thing to hold your breath on if you get pulled over :person_facepalming: