MBZ E300 or Maserati Ghibli?

I know…two different cars that are in some cases very close these days when it comes to a lease deal.

I’ve only began to shop around and have not yet ventured towards the Maserati. What kind of deals can I expect to find with some grinding?

So far on a '17 E300 this is what I have received:

MSRP $58,125 (P1, sports pkg)
Sale Price $50,100

36/12k @ $537 plus tax

10 MSD’s at $600 each

36 months $479 plus tax


You can def. do better on that E300. Your general location might help narrow it down and help others in helping you out better.

I am in Los Angeles. I’ve always been under the impression that these cars can be discounted anywhere between 10 to $12,000 but maybe not?

Can it? 13% is pretty good, no?
I just got a quote this morning for MSRP $62745 , willing to sell at $54500. Leasing under 36/12K terms, About $600. Taxes and Fees up front. Thought thats a really good price already.

Think I can do better as well?

You should be able to do better on loaners. Look at other E300 loaner threads to get an idea of what you should be looking to get off that MSRP and go from there.

Ah. I was looking at new cars. Thanks for the tips on loaners though.

Shoot, didn’t catch that. Would you mind going with a loaner or do you def. want a new one? Either way, it’ll be under warranty for most if not all of your lease.

I’ll probably pick up a new one, as it’ll be for my parents. Went through this forum and edmunds and saw the loaner one’s are much cheaper. I may pick up one for myself then! Thanks Splat.

Anyone have the new lease programs and incentives for October?

Try Edmunds, it’ll be the quickest for that info!

You are comparing apples and oranges. Believe me I understand as I shopped the Maserati before I ended up leasing my C300.

But seriously you need to pick a car and then negotiate the deal and then come back here. And if (like me) you don’t get an acceptable deal on your first choice then consider the next alternative.

I still have a little remorse that I did not go with the Ghibli as I think the car is better looking and more fun to drive, but I am saving at least $200/mo and my maintenance will be minimal by comparison.

Maserati dealers are also a lot more arrogant, and that says quite a bit when compared to Benz!

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What I have learned from this site is that you should NOT just pick a car and try to get the best deal on that car. You need to be open minded and lease the car that is the best deal at that time. They were giving away Hellcats, then F-Types. That may not be what you are looking for, but for $500/mo. $0 down…

In late May, I came looking for a deal on a Giulia, but there were none to be had. The Giulia was leasing like crap. However, I learned that Ghibli’s were a steal. For about the same price as a 50k loaded Ti, I could get a 85k Ghibli SQ4. The Giulia’s are coming down in price, but the Ghibli’s are still a steal.

BTW 1: I am loving mine. Looks and sounds sexy as hell. Get an S or an SQ4. They have much needed extra horsepower. The 2017’s have an updated interior and infotainment system with Apple CarPlay – much nicer than 14, 15 and 16. Not as refined as the MB, but the valet parks my Maserati front and center every time.

BTW 2: fastsvo, I see you are in LA. To shop Maserati, check out O’Gara in Westlake right now. They have their Ghibli’s marked down $20,000. 83k MSRP for 63k. Without much negotiating (assuming similar MF and RV from May) that should be under $600 per month (not including tax) and with zero capital reduction (36/10k). If they do not have the color combination you want, I hear Anaheim Hills will match the price of a similarly equipped Ghibli.


Latest deal on a loaner with 6k miles:

1095 AQC
0.000127 MF

Is this lease hacker worthy? Some of you have posted cars that have dipped well into the mid $40k level.


It depends upon the MSRP. 48.5k is a decent price on a 62k vehicle, not so good on a 57k one.

Cant compare a Ghibli to an E300. IMO.

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