Mb new glc300 4matic coupe*****

Hi guys,
Anyone have any numbers for the 2017 GLC 300 COUPE 4matic?
I live in bethesda md
looking to lease, i love the styling but worried its a bad time to lease it.

They don’t lease well. Expect to pay much more than an X3 for example.

Yeah thats what i figured but do you know the numbers for residual and MF? So i can atleast aim for a “fair” deal?
much appreciated!

Check on the Edmunds discussion for the GLC, it is all on there. Hi MF is what kills it compared to the GLE.

Can’t find it on edmunds- dealer says .00199-- is there a big mark up on that?? Thanks so much!!!

Check in this thread also, just in case. There is more action there:

Need help guys!!
Need to know the residual and money factor for 2017 mb glc300 4matic coupe!!
36/12k months in Maryland
I am told
69% residual
.00199 mf

Is that true is is there a mark up on mf?
So hard to negotiate withou the facts!!:frowning:

Ask on Edmunds… You’ll get a response there quicker

69% Residual?! Holy… Lease for sure- but hard to negotiate price down…

Did anyone confirm that 69% residual??