MB GLS450 or RR Sport

Looking for a new SUV and have the choice narrowed down to either of the above. In general, what lease better?
I have called a few dealers in my area and have had terrible results. The closest dealer has a 2018 RR Sport leftover and is only willing to go $1000 lower off MSRP.

A Benz dealer has a 2018 GLS450 that stickers for $84,000 and wants $900/month with $3000 down.
I really like both cars and would lean towards the better lease deal.
Thanks in advance

Absolutely love my 2017 GLS - probably the best car I have ever owned. But the leasing rates are not great (at least last time I checked). You are much better off buying - even with low annual miles you can drive it for several years before warranty runs out.

That is what I am hearing.
Just looking for a good deal.

We’ve seen the occasional good deal on a GLS. Given the time of year and that the GLS is one of the oldest models Mercedes sells you’re much more likely to get a good deal on it. Target the older stock on cargurus.com and with some work you might be able to get a good deal. The downside is the tech and interior is quite outdated.

Thanks. I believe they are coming out with a new model either 20 or 21.

New one is due next year.