MB GLS450 LEASE DEAL - Can I do better?

MBUSA is advertising a lease deal on the MB GLS450 -

Basics - 68,700 MSRP
$799.00/mo for 36 months
30,000 miles
6593.00 Due at signing

The specifics:
Advertised 36 months lease payment based on MSRP of $73,645 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $72,918. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect your actual lease payment. Includes Destination Charge and Premium 1 Package. Excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, dealer prep and additional options. Total monthly payments equal $28,764. Cash due at signing includes $4,999 capitalized cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee and first month’s lease payment of $799. No security deposit required. Total payments equal $34,558.

My question is, would I be better negotiating a purchase price. Seems from what I have seen on here 6-7 percent off MSRP seems to be what people are getting off the GLS then tell them I want to lease it or let them know up front?

I shouldn’t have any problems qualifying for their deal.


Man no replies from the group? Dealer just called me and is putting some numbers together. I’ll post what he comes back with. Anyone know what the MF is for a 2017 GLS 12/36?

Here’s what i got so far, I think I can do much better…
MSRP: 77900
Purchase Price: 73,000
MF 0.00071
Residual: 57 percent
They want me to buy down at 6k, not happening.


It looks like the MF and Residual are spot on for a 36/10k lease on the GLS450. As for the selling price, you got a little over a 6% reduction. I am not overly familiar with how the GLS450 leases but I would think that you should shoot for at least a 10% reduction in MSRP (though I am not saying for sure that is possible).

Agreed on the MF and residual. In my experience, you can beat them down further on the sales price. 7% off of MSRP gets you to invoice, so you are close. After that, I don’t think there are any incentives on the GLS right now (or ever), so you would have to convince them to give you some of the quarterly holdback.

idk bro i haven’t heard of many good gls leases. have you tried looking for a demo?

MSD and Autopay will bring down the MF to almost nothing.

I spoke with MB financial, they told me the security deposit thing was a dealer incentive not MB financial promotion. My deal does not offer any discount for that. She also said that the MF is set by the dealer so there is a negotiation point. Either way, to save .5 percent by tieing up 10 months of payments doesn’t make much sense since I could invest that and make a better return.

6% discount is a joke. I’ve gotten that discount on the rare and coveted G-class…

You should be shooting for 10% off at a minimum these aren’t exactly flying off the shelves and the rich/famous aren’t sucking them up. Remember there are ton of cars in this range when you start getting into this payment area so there’s competition to be had among dealers and between brands.

Hi Papa

If they want 6k drive off, then they are really asking for a 1000 payment. So yes you can do better on a GLS.

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Shoot for 10k off msrp

Does the 9630 include the 8400 MSD? I’m thinking it doesn’t, hard to tell from his thread but I’ve got a low MF 57% residual and lower purchase price. If he came out of pocket I don’t think his deal is any better then the one I’m at right now. My sales tax is 4.15%, how his numbers work I have no idea. Looks to me like he tied up $18k.

Title of the post from bluelili was Leased a 2017 black GLS450 for 3 year/10k $32000 total cost

So looks like 9630 was 8400 deposit + 1230 drive offs :slight_smile:

How did you come up with a 0.5% return?


If you have the cash to throw down on MSD, why wouldn’t this be the best ROI?

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I didn’t run the numbers but at .00071 is approx 1.70 percent. From what I have read MSD drops the MF by .0002-.0003 so I was just throwing out the percentage. So let’s do the exact math. Let’s say I get the payment down to 850 and tie up 10 months that’s 8500.00 for 36 months to save .07 percent of 75k or $575.00. My point was I could invest my 8500.00 and get a better return. Unless my math is way off.

Your math is way off. From my calculations (using MSRP of $77900, sales price of $73000, RV of 57% and base MF of .00071), without MSDs, your total rent charge is about $3857 over the lease term. With 10 MSDs, your total rent charge would be $1.17 over the entire lease term. That’s saving you over $100 each payment. Can you really get a better return of $3856 over 3 years if you invested $8500?

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Maybe I need to find another dealer because the 2 in my area don’t offer the MSD option.

MSD is offered by Mercedes Benz Financial, so every dealer has access to the program. You have asked your dealer to put in an extra 3 minutes of effort to structure your deal the way you want, and they are being lazy. Go elsewhere. Any dealer that lazy doesn’t deserve your business.


It’s not the first time I hear that MB dealers won’t do MSD, and my friend also says they don’t do it. There must be some kind of arrangement between dealers and Mercedes Benz Financial that is different from BMW, for example.