MB E350 4Matic Lease Good?

I just met with Mercedec - thoughts on the following?

2020 E350 4Matic
MSRP: 60,000
Sale Price: 55,000
Money Factor: .00163
Residual: 57%
Down: 5735 (covers taxes and tags - need to pay taxes upfront where I am)
Monthly: $575 for 3 years.

Id be particularly interested to know everyone’s thoughts on E450 4 Matic at 575 a month vs Audi A6 Premium Plus for 499 a month.

Who is Mercedec and how can I meet him?


Seems awful to me. Taxes can be rolled into the lease in all states just so you know

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:slight_smile: I meant Mercedes

What would be a prudent monthly?

Damn, the replies to this almost write themselves . . . .


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It’s “him”. Mercedes is “her”. :point_up:


Right. Edited.

Why would you still want to meet “him”? :smile:

Apparently, he gives out lease quotes on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, I am interested…

What are the incentives and the base MF for this vehicle?

Do you qualify for Fleet?

How many miles per year?

Have you found any comparable vehicles discussed in recent threads?

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