MB E300 Winter sales cash showing up on autobytel

Is now a good time to start shopping around for MB 2017 E300 loaners? just checked autobytel and see the cash on there, 1.5k+3k retail cash. can i combine this with fleet for another 2.5k off ( United MPX) looks like quite a bit of savings now to get a lease. thoughts?

Just reached out to a dealer in Seattle that wasn’t aware of these incentives. Offered conquest 1k and felt, which I don’t qualify for.

Good luck getting the dealer to combine those incentives. Most dealers that LH members have spoken to do not allow stacking. Things may be different now that we are near of year. Something I’ll be monitoring as I look for an end of year e300 or s90 deal.

im in contact with multiple mercedes dealers at the moment, for an e300

will see what this winter sales even does, if anything…

I don’t think you can stack fleet with holiday cash

So currently the stackable offers are the 3k retail cash and fleet?