MB E300 lease details - TX

I am from Texas (taxes on sales price) and MB dealer giving this deal on a loaner. What do you think?

Here are the details in the calculator.
I will put down 10 MSDs.

EDIT: Typing details-
MSRP: 58325
6000 miles price: 47787 (18% off)
MF: 0.00117
10 MSDs
Doc fee; 170
Acq fee: 795
Other: 226
15k miles/yr - 36 months

zero down - 570/month

What do you think?

It should be more like $370


What number(s) above are high that I can negotiate w the dealer? Is the selling price too high for a 6000mile loaner, or anything else?
Also please note that couple of things are different here:

  1. state TX - Taxes on sale price
  2. 3yr 45k miles (which is higher than generally posted here)

I don’t HAVE to purchase this if its such a bad deal…I guess that’s why I am here!!

You should target 22-25% off MSRP, perhaps figure out a way to wrangle some fleet incentive or MB Credit card silver star certificate to further drive price down. Since you are in TX, the other alternative is see if he will sell a new E300 to you at 18% off and offer you tax credits so the tax component disappears (~$80/month). Also, be careful with a 36/15 lease on a 6k loaner, the tail end of the lease may be out of warranty depending on how many miles you actually drive.


Search this forum for E300 loaner, you can see what type of deals people are getting.

A recent forum poster received 18% off a brand new 2018 C300. The benchmark at a minimum is 20% off a loaner.

yes - sales tax credits is the way to go!! make sure to get prepaid maintenance (4 services - is ideal for your high mileage needs - shoot for $1200, this amount gets residualized to about $600 cost to you, do roll this into mostly payments)- as it gets residualized.

If there is half-decent second car in your family- consider going with 12k miles lease. Research/search on lease acceleration or pull-forward on this forum and elsewhere - how you can use all your allocated miles but go for another E-class 5-6 months ahead of your lease term!

Gosh, my novice self showing up now. Thanks for the recommendations. Could you please tell me how the sales tax credits work?
Also the number $1200- is this total cost for 4 prepaid services?
Thanks again!

I vaguely recall 4-prepaid services package is between $1000-1200 cost to the dealers. They initially ask for a higher number ofcourse - unless you know the real price/cost :slight_smile:

Sales Tax credits in TX - usually, they open up these credits for MB/MB-Financial-Services, past the mid-point of a month. You gotta show persistence on getting these credits, which make leasing fairly competitive in TX! (vs owning new/relatively-new luxury auto in TX)

Thanks for the explanation! So if I shoot for say, 4 services, total 1200, and they agree on it, the actual cost to me is 600?

Also, are the tax credits only available on new vehicles, or loaners quality as well?

think there is mileage limit on Loaner (untitled) - if it doesn’t cross such limit - MBFS may allow tax credit. on Loaner with more miles - let dealer eat
/pay tax to make up for lease payment you are targeting.

Yes MB Prepaid services residualized just like capitalized costs - similar to what you understood.