Mazda CX9 Touring AWD SF BayArea...asking for favor of reviewing deal

First time poster (lurked for a while and read many reviews!) and first time leaser. Would greatly appreciate if you are able to review this quickly and let me know your thoughts on this.

Mazda CX9 Touring AWD (no packages)
MSRP 37,935
Discounted Price: 34030
Additonal Discount: 400
Money Factor: .0015
Residual $23899.05

Monthy Payment: $326.52 +Tax ($29.52)
Drive Off: $1,995

10K Miles/yr

Your discount off MSRP looks solid but the MF seems high. If you can negotiate the base money factor (0.00065 in my area but check Edmunds forums for your own zip) with the same discount, it should be a decent deal…

Moodyhank, Many thanks for your response. I’ll search for the MF…but based on similiar numbers on the forum, I asked him for it, he is not budging…

There should be a ton of dealers in NorCal

What does drive off include? Looks like include some down, right? I think it is still a good deal for cx9 in Bay Area. I was not able to get below 1%

Seems like all bay area dealers have pretty much the same price…and have a “take it or leave it” attitude. I took the deal from a dealer who was willing to accomodate my lease return fee.

Zoom zoom it is!

Thanks for your help

I think this is because although there are quite a few dealers, they are overall very small operation and inventory. Much smaller present than Honda, Toyota and nissan, even much smaller than the German big 3. They are not looking for large volume.

What lease return fee? You mean the disposition fee on your just leased CX9? I’ve never heard a dealer be able to do that. Are you positive on this?

We were returning a Nissan leaf…this dealership had both nissan and mazda under one parent…i don’t know if that was the reason, but this guy handled my leaf lease disposition fee, so he got the business !

So you weren’t a first time leaser then. :laughing:

How do you know the Mazda dealer handled the disposition fee though? That usually comes from NMAC afterwards.

Haha…got me there. It was my wife’s car :wink: He just gave me an additional 395 off my driveoff…(without changing anything else)