Mazda cx5 lease


Hi there! I’m looking to find out what is the current MF, incentives, and residual value for a 2020 Mazda CX5.

I am trying to get into a good leasing deal. My hope is to stay near the $2,500 DAS and $220 /month.

I truly appreciate your knowledge and insights in helping make this community a more educated one for car leasing

And this is based on what? Need to go to Edmunds for mf and residual.

Will look at Mf now. But their offer was 3000 DAS, 229 /month. With 10k miles per month for 36 months. I’m not liking that deal though.

What other makes and models are you open to?

Get MF and resids here:

Figures differ based on trim, term, miles and your location.

Kia Optima,
Nissan Altima,
Honda Accord,
Mazda 6

Which ones have you found in the Marketplace section here?

What’s the trim and msrp? Do you have loyalty? You need to figure out the numbers to know what a good deal is. For all you know that could be a smoking deal that you’re passing up.

Also let us know the rest of the details, trim, MSRP, selling price, etc.

Trim Sport. Msrp 27039 . Selling price 26429. Residual 16020. MF .00001

8 to 10% off seems to the the max discount on these. Figure out your incentives and play with the calculator to see if it’s possible to land where you want to land.

I just did a lease on a GT with premium package MSRP 35k and only was able to get down to about 6% off. Inventory is tight in my area, I was happy with it in the end $345/mo

Also the lease to lease loyalty incentive right now helps a lot if you have it.

Yes I just got 8.1% on a CX9 and was pretty happy with that since they offered over trade as well. Going to pickup car tomorrow so ill report back final numbers here for anyone interested. Also, as I was in the process of that deal another dealer who I reached out to the day before emailed me 8% with a little less on trade. Overall I was getting a ton of positive responses through email after the typical “when can you come in?” I guess it depends on your area but seems like with 2021s coming in if you can find some decent 2020 inventory there are deals to be made.