MAZDA CX-5 lease 36m/10k

What do you think of this ?
I received an offer from a local Mazda dealer for a CX-5 Sport AWD with Activ Package. I am in Wisconsin so not much deals available.

MSRP: 27665
Sale Price : 27057
Residual 15769.05 Term 36 months
Sales Tax : $620.78 on the depreciation at 5.5%
MF : 0.0001

Filing Fee : $184
Acquisition Fee : 595
License Fees: 89
First Months Payment : 330.77
Doc Fee : $259

Total = $1457

Monthly payment : $328 /month with 0 sign off.

I am going to get the rebates increased to $2000 as promised. It brings it down to $317

Update :
"Need more off MSRP " - Benedetto

Thanks ! I am going to work on that.

A whole $600 discount? Wow what a nice deal - not!

Market average in my area is like 1% off MSRP. I think that’s worse than the 2019 RDX. If you want a deal, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen on the CX-5.

Some have gotten close to 10% on the top trim GT and paid less than this. The deals are out there…takes work to find them though.