Mazda CX-5 GT AWD Premium Package


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MSRP: 33,970
Monthly cost: $351
Due at signing: first month

I didn’t get the details but from edmunds, MF should be 0.0001 and DV: 54-56%.

Is this CA ? there is still room for bargain ! esp. when [lexus rx350]( is $311 12k/36m .

Looks pretty good to me, I was quoted $370 for just a $29k touring for 36month/15k. Can you give us the breakdown? Obviously if you can get the RX350 for $311 that would be amazing, but I really think that was a special case and almost no dealers will match it.

Honestly I’ll just take a RX350. Mazda leases awful.

Get a quote from Fremont Mazda. Based on my research they seem to move the most volume nationwide. Sales might be more aggressive toward the end of the month too.

I just did a Grand Select for $280 a month with just first month for drive off with 9.25% included.

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Can you share location and dealer?
Maybe also MSRP and annual milage?


PS: how are you liking the car? Looking for an AWD and can’t decided what to go for. Preferred choice would be 2018 XC60 but it’s too new - everything else seems to be compromise. I never thought about CX-5 because I thought it won’t get Apple CarPlay and won’t have adaptive cruise control but I did some research and in fact Apple CarPlay is promised to come out soon and it does have adaptive cruise control.

It’s 10k for 36 months. Dealer would not give me breakdown on cap cost. That’s why I didnt take it. Will give Fremont a try at EOM. Thanks for the tip.

CX-5 GT with premium pack was nice. It is very smooth and handles turns effortlessly. 4 cylinder loses a punch but still has some power. They also had the dashboard display on windshield. Also had diesel and gas for fuel. The only downside was that it was not roomy. Back seats cannot be adjusted and on a fixed position.

The dealer was Culver City Mazda. I got the car for a friend and he seems to love it. I had the same reservations about it not having Apple car play for him, but compared to Android Auto it is a bit rubbish, and in LA you really need Waze so CarPlay became a bit of a non issue.

It was a 36/10k lease and the MSRP was $30,420.

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I think I’ve gotten but can be considered a pretty good deal, but just hoping to get some feedback.
2018 CX-5 GT with premium package… 2k down, 333/mo. 36 months.
Plus, they will cut me a check for $1,200 for the remaining three payments on my Mercedes-Benz lease.