Mazda CX-5 2018 lease eval

first time leaser - is this a good deal?

Mazda CX-5 2018 Touring w/ Preferred Package
MSRP: 28,390.00
Savings w/ Rebate: 2,145.00
Price: 26,245.00
0 down
$296 a month
36 month lease
15k miles

So you are getting it at MSRP? :man_facepalming:


no, I’m getting at 26,245.00. would appreciate any actual help and not just a sassy emoji.

how much of that $2145 is lease cash? You aren’t getting much off sticker, that’s for sure. That’s exactly what Jon was saying…you’re essentially getting no discount.

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There was no sass. You asked for helped and we are generous enough to spend our time to help you. And in reality, you are getting it at MSRP with no discount of the rebate is $2145.

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tried to make it clear I am new at this. thanks for the input!

Find out what the selling price is before any rebates…what the MF and RV are…

also does your payment include taxes/fees etc?

If you include all the information people will be much more equipped to help you evaluate and break the deal down.

Does the $296 include tax? $0 down or $0 drive off?

It’s actually not too shabby if it includes tax and $0 out of pocket (different than 0 down), but don’t see how you come up with that number with such minimal discounting and RV won’t be as high on 15k vs 12k.

here’s all the info I have:

Market Value: 28,390.00
Savings: 2,145.00 incl. Rebate
Vehicle Price: 26,245.00 Net After Rebate + Fees
36 Months

240.04 monthly / 2000 down
268.00 monthly / 1000 down
281.98 monthly / 500 down
295.96 monthly / 0 down
16,466 Residual
720.00 Rebate

it doesn’t include taxes/fees.

You need to find out what the money factor is.

I would suggest doing a little more reading around the forum. There’s so much information to take in & to understand how to work a good deal.

ok, thanks. it’s a little overwhelming and I’m operating on a tight timeline. if anyone in the LA area is willing to offer their services, I would happily give you a consulting fee.

I misread your first post and thought the rebate was $2145, thus meaning you got $0 discount. Now that we see the rebate is $720, that means the dealer is giving you a $1425 discount (5%). You should shoot for 10% off before rebates.

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Is the CX5 AWD or FWD and what is the color?
Some colors cost more like $595 for the red.